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PS3 connectivity problems-any help?!

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I just got Castle crahers on ps3. Knowing it would be a fun game to play on mulitplayer with my friends :D

Unfortunately there has been a lot of talk about connecting with friends over psn. I am also having this problem. I know there was eventually a patch for this on XBLA, and I'm just wondering if there is going to any kind of patch/update to remedy this problem for ps3, because as it stands now its easier to play with total strangers than friends.

Before anyone ask, I did take the time assure that my friends and I have the proper internet set up(s) on our systems and connections settings :)

We can't even find each other in hosting quick matches and etc.

So can anyone or maybe a staff member offer advice on what may be the problem, or even if the problem can/will be addressed soon?

((and not to be rude, but I've had it suggested to me before to just play locally with friends, and because of my job and school, I had to move 8 hours away from my hometown, so its not fruitful to suggest it to me again :( ))


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