new characters, pets and weapons for dlc characters for xbox

do u like my idea?  

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deven9000    0

CHARACTERS: (EARTH)Brown knight (WIND)White knight (WATER)Dark blue knight.

PETS: Brown knight=OX: Hits you with his horns every once and awhile.

White knight= Wind bird: Shoot balls of wind at you sometimes.

Dark blue knight=Shark: Gives you 3 strength 2 defense and 2 magic.

WEAPONS: (Brown knight= Rock sword is a sword made out of rocks, Rock staff with a black glowing rock on top and a axe made out of earth/rocks.)

(White knight= Wind spear, white glowing crystal sword and shoots wind out sometimes and a giant fan.)

(Dark blue knight= Shark sword is a shark being used as a sword, turtle sword is a sword made out of a hard blue turtle shell and a octopus tentacle on a stick.)

Brown knight=EARTH/ROCKS:Magic=(B):Shoot rocks out of hands. (Y):Long beams of earth travel through ground and hit you. (A):A large rock comes up out of the ground and throws you up in the air.

White knight=WIND:Magic=(B):Shoot balls of wind out of hands.(Y):To shoot a large gust of wind out from your hands.(A):Uses wind to throw himself in the air.

Dark blue knight=Water:Magic=(B):Throw sharp shaped water out of your hands.(Y):To shoot a large continues wave out of your hands.(A):To have a wave throw you up in the air.

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The Cat Guard magic will be:


Splash = A yarn whip unraveling from a held ball.


Projectile + Air Drop = Similar to the Pink Knights stuffed animals, Cat Guard throws yarn balls.


Magic Jump = A gem or yarn erupting from the ground, lifting the Cat Guard upwards.

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I agree for al the knights especially the wind knight because to obtain the only wind magic character (the Bear) you have to beat the game twice which is time consuming and can be irritating at times. SO, I would defiantly get the DLC for those new knights. :D   

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Hazard    394

I think I have a thick skull what is that?????? Should I know what u be talking about? :?

It's a forum term;

Necrobump - Bumping an old topic that is dead and hasn't been posted in for months/years.



Now back on topic, I'm really not too big a fan of this idea to be honest.  They got the perfect number of elemental knights and having more would just be overkill.

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FrogBussoms    2

Hey jerk, "for xbox" what about steam edition & Playstation?


Also if they add in more content it should be there own ideas.. Not yours.

Edited by FrogBussoms

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