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Which Behemoth Game Should Really Have A Sequel

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I really want more Castle Crashers, I don't care if it's DLC or a sequel! I just love the characters and the awesome gameplay. I've gotten SO many people addicted to this game, including myself.


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Easily Alien Hominid 2 HD!


I enjoyed AH HD on Live for a very long time(frustrated the first few days with the difficulty). When I started to do really well is when I started to really enjoy the game, artwork, story, boss fights, etc.


I played Castle Crashers longer(In terms of hours played) but was left less satsified after Iit was all said and done. Not saying I didn't enjoy it, I absolutely loved it! Alien Hominid was just my kind of game.

In a way, Alien Hominid HD is already a sequel. If you every played their game on newgrounds. :)


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