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[19-Sep-2014] Coop Feature - Grab A Bag Of Biochips, The Show Is Almost On!

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Nanobots. Really, really small robots. Now, everyone knows why Giant Robots are super cool and useful, but robots that are so small you can't even see them? I mean, how would you even ride inside of one?

Well, the thing is, nanobots are really good at working together. One nanobot? Yeah, pretty puny. A million? Super awesome. And if they can cooperate with a million friends, surely you can keep just one of your buddies alive! Right??

Coop Feature:
Co-Op Chapter by nanobot

Difficulty: Easy 


(Easy: Playlists of this difficulty will be a smooth experience full of interesting ideas more so than relentless challenge. These will generally be easier than the original Story mode campaign.)


This week's feature is heavy on the cooperative sequences, requiring both players to work in tandem to unlock separate sections of the level or to disarm any number of deadly mechanisms. Of course, you can always run off on your own and cross your stubby little fingers, cackling as you make the challenges even harder for your hapless partner. You know, like SOME PEOPLE I KNOW.

(You know who you are. Roll Screenshots)

Whether in your honor for being man's best friend, or because your partner is a jerk, and you could really use a best friend, I give you Winston!


[Coop Feature Sep 19 2014]

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megan    543

We've re-featured this co-op playlist for the next few weeks. This time the reward is Hooshmand, the wise. You can have some feline wisdom when you complete Furbottom's Features this week!



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megan    543

We've updated the Co-Op Feature in Steam and this playlist is re-featured!

Get Cecil (Cooking Cat) when you finish Furbottom's Features BattleBlock Theater STEAM!


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