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[27-Feb-2015] Arena Feature - Shoval? I Dig.

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So, one thing out in the open: the first level of this playlist is a bit like visiting a home with a doormat that reads: "Go Away, We Don't Like You". And maybe there's a pit underneath. With spikes. Also, that would be a really wide doormat. Hm.


That said, just past the spikey start, there's a lot to like about this week's arena. And hey, those of a certain temperment may enjoy the comedy of errors that will ensue when you take that first wrong step. Oh, and you will...


-wait. Today's the day we verbally threaten the prisoners, right? I know its on the schedule somewhere between the hose downs and double-jump practice...


Arena Feature:

Tournament1 by Shoval222


Look, you don't have to do anything elaborate, like setting up brackets or anything. Just hop in and enjoy one of a variety of modes, each with their own little trick up their sleeves. I bet you didn't even know that levels had sleeves!


What if, instead of the earth being around 30 percent normal dirt-stuff, it was instead 30 percent furry, floating furbottom stuff? Well, here you can find that out! The rest is still deadly, deadly water though, btw.


Or, what if we took basketball hoops and surrounded the 3-point zone with (surprising springy) molten lava?? In what horribly hilarious ways could THAT go wrong? I DON'T KNOW LETS FIND OUT.






These and other elaborately elegant arenas are ready for your prisoner's perusal, and like I always say, when I need some prisoners to peruse something, I always bring Paul!




Paul may look like he's bothering that poor prisoner, but things aren't always what they seem. You know the muscles you have that hold your eyelids up? Well, not everyone is so lucky. 


Paul is a great guy.


[Featured playlist 27-Feb-2015]

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megan    543

We're bringing back this playlist for a limited time!




And, in celebration of Father's Day, we're bringing back The Dad! Unlock this prisoner just by loading up an online area of the game!

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megan    543


We were at PAX West last week so we weren't able to update the Feature & unlock, but we're back today! This playlist has been refeatured in Arena Feature and Rammy is unlockable just by heading to an online area of the game!

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