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[11-6-2015] Arena Feature: Unlocking Love, One Organ At A Time

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Arena Feature:
Beghoule by echoplex

Allow me to beguile you with a beghoule: 15 arena levels crafted by our 4 time Feature winner, one E.P. Echoplex. Or J.R.? Okay, so we've featured his levels a lot and he's never even told us his first name, but whatever! What we have here are a glut of levels that run the gamut of just about every arena mode worth playing.

But just because this is a gamutous glut of greatness doesn't mean that echoplex doesn't know how to show a little restraint! Each level is light on hazards and heavy on open, variable paths, just begging to have your little prisoner's feet scampering all over them.

...does that sound weird? That sounds a little weird. Sorry: I promise that none of the paths in this playlist have little mouths that will actually beg for you to walk on them. But they totally would if they could.




Speaking of things that shouldn't have mouths, here is a sentient human organ that represents love!


Wow... some body must miss her an awful lot.

P.S. As you may have read here, this is the second to last new arena we'll be Featuring for the time being, so get your final Solo and Arena submission in asap!

[Featured Playlist 6 November 2015]

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megan    543



This playlist has been refeatured in Arena Features for a limited time. Play these levels PLUS unlock Paul by heading into an online area of the game! 

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