Forum Suggestion: New Members Should Be Able To Post Topics With Mod Approval

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mgracer48    4

Its no different than posts why can't they post new topics if mods approve them?

Also i put the suggestion here because i don't see a subforum for suggestions

edit: Oops sorry i thought i put this in off topic arena can someone move this 

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yugo657    450

Just do 3 ordinary posts. It's not a lot.


Is it that hard?




It counts as a filter anyways.

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GoldenGhost    2,058

Moved to the Off-Topic Arena upon OP's request.


Yugo makes a good point, it's a filter for new users so they at least know what making a post is like before they try to create their own topic. There's plenty of ways for people to get 3 posts under their belt, like the New Members thread that we encourage people to introduce themselves in, so it's not a huge hurdle to jump and I can't see why people would be desperate to circumvent the hurdle anyways.


Thanks for the feedback though, we don't get too many ideas on how to improve the forums and we'd always consider suggestions.

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A C Cret    196

I feel like by having you post and explore the forums a bit, it can help you become part of the community instead of just starting a topic with a question, and not immersing yourself in all that these amazing forums have to offer. I see what you mean, because I can be kinda annoying and hard to find something meaningful to comment on, so you may be tempted to just add pointless posts just to be able to ask your question or maybe even turned off all together, but I think it's a smart way to help new members become part of the community :-D

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