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I woke up this morning to find my playlist had been banned, or at least removed. I have no copied levels, and no nudity or lewdness in my levels. My playlist is called "The Theater" by ErdeDuineIina on the XBLA version. Any ideas as to why it was banned or removed?

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Hi ErdeDuinelina,

Thanks for reaching out. I cannot comment on your playlist specifically, but here's some info on how we moderate user created playlists in BattleBlock Theater:

There are many reasons a playlist can be inappropriately flagged and taken down, as any user is able to report a playlist for content violation. Any playlist that is taken down via our reporting tools will be reviewed by a human moderator here at the Behemoth. After a moderator reviews a playlist, if it isn't violating our content guidelines then it will be reinstated. It will usually be back up within 1-3 days if it's not in violation, but it can take longer. 

So if your playlist was flagged in error, just sit tight and we'll get it back up as soon as we can!

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