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    • megan

      Update 5: Infinite Wisdom is here!   10/05/2017

        Hey everyone, We’re back with another update that really mixes some stuff up. An entirely new challenging mode, a rebalance of the entire game to go with the rework of the new leveling progression numbers, ability to do the co-op intro online, faster PVP rounds, language translations and more! With the rebalance you’ll find that your fighters are dealing even more damage as they gain experience. All balance changes are retro-active meaning you do not have to worry about starting over or starting new characters in order to experience that – they’re all dynamically applied to what you already have! Feel free to check out what we’ve changed in the list below, and as always – please leave us feedback about anything you find noteworthy. As always, the main Story (although not included in this update) is being developed alongside all these improvements we have been releasing. Check out our blog for the full changelist: http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2017/09/28/update-5-infinite-wisdom-is-here/
    • megan

      Pit People's official release date: March 2, 2018   02/21/2018

        That’s right, Pit People has officially received its final touches and has a release date. On Friday, March 2nd, Pit people will be available for both Steam and Xbox One! You can pick it up early right now even, and watch it in your library, transforming before your very eyes!
      For those of you who already have the early access copy of Pit People, thank you for being part of our game development journey! Our Early Access period lasted a total of 409 days. That’s one of the fastest records in Early Access history (no need to fact check this, it’s probably right)! So what’s in the thing? The Story is completed, cinematics and all, along with a whole new World Map with 15 additional bonus missions. There’s been a lot of balancing, polish, and ‘quality of life’ features ‘n tweaks to go along with it! Definitely our largest changelist to date. If you want to see it in its official officialness, please check out our launch post on March 2nd!

Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

Recommended Posts

Welcome to the Random Post Forum, a place where creativity is welcome, funny videos are aplenty, and randomness is everywhere.

You may be wondering: What is this Random Post Forum? Well, the Random post forum started with its humble beginnings in November of 2008, and has since grown to be the most popular topic in the Off-Topic section, and the most popular non-forum game topic in the history of The Behemoth community!

You might also ask yourself: What can I do to contribute? The answer? EVERYTHING! As long as it isn't spam, feel free to post anything in here. Be it something about your day, a question that needs answering, or just something you want to share, go right ahead and click the post button!

Now, there are some RULES that every poster should abide by:

  • No advertising/spamming; if you want someone to find out about something of yours, put it in your sig, not here.
  • No flaming; we don't need pages of the thread filled up with an angry argument with another person. If you really feel the need to pick a fight, keep it to PMs.
  • ONE WORD POSTS: Don't post with just one word, please. Try to at least put 5-10 words into each of your posts, at the bare minimum.
  • Inappropriate topics are unacceptable.
  • Try discussing something the whole forums can get involved in.
  • Follow all standard forum rules.

Events:Periodically, the Random Post Forum will have events with small tidbits and prizes that you can get for participating. Be on the lookout and check the front page regularly for updates and events!

Finally, a big thanks to both Tyndras for the wonderful header and Sethyboy0 for giving me the idea for the topic (even if it was unintentional)
Have fun, and post randomly!

Spam Forum! Your destination for random posts!
Random Post Forum! NO POINTLESS SPAM!!
Random Post Forum! 3000 posts of randomness!!!!!
Random Post Forum! Now with more poll!
Random Post Forum! Talk like a pirate, ye scallywags!
Random Post Forum! 5000+ Posts OMGWTFBBQ
Random Post Forum! Home of the infamous Mechazeep Scandal!
Random Post Forum! Now with more Halloween!
Random Post Forum! Now with more Blob viral marketing!
Random Post Forum! Now with 110% more awesome.
Random Post Forum! Now with 6000% more awesome.
Random Post Forum! Now with 9001% more awesome.
Random Post Forum! Happy Turkeyslaughtering Day!
Random Post Forum! Merry Christmas in a month!
Random Post Forum! 7000 posts. WTF.
Random Post Forum! 7000 posts. FTW.
Random Post Forum! Now with moar Behemoth Awards.
Random Post Forum! 8000 posts? You guys are too cute.
Random Post Forum! IT'S OVER 9000!!!
Inglorious Post Basterds!
Freezing Post Forum (Just chill)
Random Post Forum: Normality restored
Random Post Forum: England appreciation week
Random Post Forum: Illllluuuuusiiion week
Random Toast Bread
The Dexide Appreciation Thread
The one and only.. RPF
Random Post Forum: Go GOLD Today!
Random Post Thread
Behemoth Community Late Night Jazz Club
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Random Post Forum/Fandom Toast Bread
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Random Post Forum: 20,000 POSTS, HERE WE GO
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Random Post Thread: Dexide stop editing my thread > :o
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Random Post Thread: > :o Edition
Breaking News: Dexide Declares War With CCG!
> :o: > :o Edition
Random Post Forum: Back to the Normture
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Friendly Friends Forum
Pandybara Week
Capybaras (Currently occupied by Pandas!)
Loose Cannon Posting Forum
Random Post Forum: Level 25555 aproaching
Oh noes! School's back.
This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or reply further
Random Derp Derpa
The Roarin' Random Post Forum
Rndaom Psot Fruom
Stop changing the title. Sincerely, Dexide
Clever Ruse Posting Forum
Random Post Forum: Ushering in the New Year with Randomness
Random Post Forum: Year of Tingly Feelings
Now That's What I Call Random Post Forum: Volume 141
Emotionally Challenged Posting Forum
Happy Birthday, Scaler + FirePhoenix!
CastleCrashingGuru Plugs his Blog Forum!
Happy Birthday, Tyndras!
The Happy Birthday Everybody Thread
CCG Doesn't Realize This Thread Has 30,000+ Posts Thread
The Roy-G-Biv thread
Random Post Forum: Horror Movie Week!
RPF: Community Love Day is Today! (October 25th, 2011)
Random Post Fururururururururum: Game of the Year Edition
Des Forum von Randome Postein (RPF)
隨意張貼網上論壇: (Random Posting Internet Forum)
Random Post Forum: Let's share recipes!
Random Post Forum: Spring Draws Near
Random Post Forum: Doesn't Appear in Searches
Incoherent Post Forum
Rosen Post Forum
Minnesota Party Forum
Politically Correct Holiday Title Forum
RPF - Fröliches Neujahr!
RPF - Respect Pugs Forum
RPF - Respect Everyone Forum
「研究ケンタウロス」「Research Centuar」 Forum
Random Post Forum: Original Formula
: Help, Someone Changed The Title and I Can't Find It
R♂P♂F: Help, Someone Changed The Title And I Can't Find It
R P F : In Stunning 1,000,000,000P Graphics
Super Ultra R P F Arcade Remix E X + A

Random Post Forum - Title Needed

Random Post Forum - Title No Longer Needed

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Gunslinger Girl is one of the best Anime I've seen.
Rockband Japan will attract Weaboos.
Russia will collapse and become the Soviet Union again.
Jesus rises.

Random Enough for You?

EDIT: after like, what, 2 years?

> :D

Make that 3 years.
Epic History.


EDIT 3: 

6 years now.

Oh wow.


EDIT 4: 

7 years...

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Sometimes, I wish people would die.

Not you, but people IRL (In real life)

Hare Hare Yukai is awesome.

Killingyouguy is a bad role model and Negative.

I'm a Haruhist and an Ex-Trekkist.

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Jesus saved me from a group of Atheists.

America = Japan

My list of what I respect.





5.Vietnam (My home country, but I was born in America)



8.Pixel and Cave Story

9.Zun and Touhou

List of hates







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You forgot teh y

- sethyboy0

I has a good idea...

Spam thread is a cool guy. He lets everyone have fun and doesn't afraid of anything.

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Changed to sethyboy0. And Spam Thread is like a superhero. Always standing up for the little guy.


Guru is a cool guy. He fixes my name and doesn't afraid of anything.

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yi er san yi er san one two three one two three ichi ni san,

yi er san yi er san one two three one two three ichi ni san,

yi er san yi er san one two three one two three ichi ni san,

eins zwei guten morgen yi er yi er ichi ichi ichi ichi

hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi hi fu

hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi hi fu

hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi hi fu

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi fu mi yo hi fu mi yo

don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu (kanji naiwa)

don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu don-tsu (itaku naiwa)

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai

Hourai Hourai Hourai Hourai

France Hollands Tibet Kyoto London Russia Orleans!

kirai kirai, lovin' (an a an an a an~)

dare ga dare ga, can't be alive without you

doushite, naze ka~shi~ra~ (an a an an)

wh-why why don't I miss you alot for-ever~

shiranai wa, sonna mahou

omoi wa tsuta~eta~ra~ ko~wa~re~cha~u~

anata towa chigau kara

hitono kokoro made kantan ni~ nu~sumana~ide~~

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...If your going to warn somebody, don't delete the topic and then turn around and go

Not ok!

I make lots of posts. now if you delete the one I did wrong and don't tell me which one. How am I going to learn? I'm sorry but that's just idiotic.

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