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edit 5: I had to lock this topic as we have reached the limit of our codes. If you have already posted in here, you will receive a code... i'm going as fast as i can, but it may take a few days to get though all gajillion posts! Thank you everyone for joining us here on our forums, we hope you'll stay and have a look around, its a pretty cool place. ;)


We wanted to give you this on valentine's day but it seems like you had met someone else. We understand how you feel, but how about you just accept our gift already?

I wrote a poem for you:

Roses are red

Blue Knight is blue

We love our fans

Here’s some free dlc for you!

For FREE King pack DLC- Here’s all you need to do:

Post "Behemoth loves me" in this thread, and I'll will PM you a download code. One per customer, though we have lots, I'm sure we will run out quick, so post now to reserve yours!


The Behemoth

ps. (Please only post once in this thread, subsequent posts will be deleted.)

EDIT #3: I am sending them out as fast as my little fingers can go! I will let you know when we are getting close to running out by posting an edit here. :D

EDIT #4: We are getting close to running out folks. Those who have posted already (by 10am Pacific Time Thursday, Feb 26th) should get one. Soon, i am going to have to lock this topic up though!

Please do not message me, or start new threads to try to get a code. :roll: If we still have any left when I get through with these, I will reopen this thread. :) [/i][/size]


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Red Knights are Red

Stoveface Is black.

I wish I had money

For the Necromancer Pack. :(

I :arrow::arrow::arrow::arrow: BEHEMOTH!!!

I wish It loved me, though.

Ehh, Maybe I can give it to one of my friends, if I get one.


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