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Xtr4M1nty    0

They try to kill us. Humans always have shunned us from society. So we changed into brainless devourers.

Or did we.... :evil:

How do I sign up?:

By PM, send me a PM. Thats it!

Whadda I do???

You have to munch and crunch your way through the humans Metropolis, all the way to the throne, there you can control humanity once and for all.

You must pick your form of attacking the human military.Claw Or Bite.

Be careful though, the military have guns and stuff so you will have to maintain your HP, (starts at 10, increases by the level.)

Each enemy you beat up loses focus, therefore our brains shall connect, giving us all thier experience. 1XP per kill, you level up when you have enough knowledge.

Level Tier:

1=Start at this....You only do a few points of damage 3-6 and have a (also puny amount) tendancy to die by being hit for 10HP, and your DoT is a puny 1 per turn.

Damage over Time increases by 1 per level.

Health increases by 1 point per level.

Damage increases by 1 maximum damge dealt per level. Every 2 levels your minimumm hit goes up too!

You have to bite to get DoT, Biting costs you 2 turns, since you need to get pretty close first...


First to join=10FPs

Second to join=5FPs


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Droideka 3X    0

Is this a reversed version of my game? If it is, that would be considered a duplicate. If you didn't mean this to be a reversed version, let me know via PM

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