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Cyclops plot curiousity

The Relationship of the Conehead (Groom/periwinkle) to the Cyclops is:  

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  1. 1. The Relationship of the Conehead (Groom/periwinkle) to the Cyclops is:

    • Cyclops is the father and Conehead the son
    • Conehead is the father and Cyclops the son
    • they are brothers
    • BFF (Best Friends Forever)
    • they are totally gay for eachother
    • Cyclops is gay and hopelessly in love with his buddy Conehead.
    • Doesn't matter, they are cyborgs anyway.

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Hooray! :lol:

I really liked how he was carting him around at the end too... Felt to me like Cyclops programming was bugged and he was still trying to watch out for his buddy, even though he was dead :shock:

Thanks for that pic Joker. I was looking for one like that for a good bit =)

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Guest Rinxero

I'm pretty sure they were best friends. But still, carrying around his corpse is abit much.

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I think they are just best best friends, or were lol.

i doubt you'd ever see the periwinkle lugging around the coffin/corpse of the cyclops while wearing a little miniskirt in the end-game. i mean seriously guys, the cyclops is wearing a dress in the end... he's ghetto-fabulous. the periwinkle dont know his true colors, but we do by his emotions, and carry-on luggage. they're friends, but i think the 'clops has got a dirty little secret, lmao

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i thought that the cyclops was the cone heads dad and he wasn't really a bad guy like the wizard ,he just wanted to give the son a wife. he buys them of the theives (or forces them) to give to his son. he goes to the john and well he gets a big shock. he then flees to his castle because he wasn't thinking straight where u kill him. he probably already had android parts and thats why he gives the terminator reference(he probably had some bad laser eye surgery) but then the necromancer resserrects him . he then gets him to work for them by also resserecting his son, but when u finish them off they are finally at peace. whoo that was a bigass explanation. sorry if i bored u

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I think the cyclops is one of those slow "Gumbo" charecters. He has a child's heart, and seeing as though no one would love such a monster at birth (or creation), the conehead (maybe his creator?) was like a dad figure to him, always took care of him etc. It's not like the cyclops was loved by a beefed up sandwich princess, amiryt?

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I have a lot of weird theories for Castle Crashers that i may or may not share, but I feel like the Cyclops is the father and the Conehead Groom is the son, but the Cyclops kind of adopted him. It really doesn't look like they have a blood relationship, but i do feel that they have a deep father/son connection. At some points they act a bit more like best friends than family, but i do see quite a bit of family relationship in the Cyclops' actions. Their appearance rules out blood relatives (Conehead has two eyes, Cyclops is, well, a Cyclops and has one), but almost everything that the Cyclops does with the Conehead makes it seem like they are close family. idk, just my idea


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