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  4. We spent a long time celebrating with Castle Crashers heads, but we're moving into this weekend with love for ALL our games. Why all of our games? Well, besides the fact that we think they're pretty cool, they're also on sale on Steam as a part of the Live at London EGX Sale. (You can check those deals out here: New Arena Playlist: "Footbasket" by Bloofus RECAP´╗┐: Giraffey - 10/25 Behemoth Chicken, Duck Shark, and Cupcake - 11/1 Maybe two months ago someone mentioned that Duck Shark was the last head they needed to complete their entire collection of BBT heads -- I hope this post makes it to you, dude.
  5. Hello, I was playing some Castle Crashers 3-player local co-op last night with my friends and realized I couldn't cycle through my items... with 2 joy cons, it's the left and right buttons, while ZL and ZR are shield/magic, but when you turn the joy cons sideways, you only have the single bumpers and they do shield and magic. Is there something I'm missing? I was stuck on the bow and arrow and couldn't get to my healing potions Thanks!
  6. Thank you all for answering and I love all your games also thanks again
  7. Roxanne

    Castle Crashers PS4

    I got word this morning that everything is in process, but we are still trying to sort out an exact date with Sony.
  8. Honn

    Castle Crashers PS4

    Hey guys, will it be available in the Middle East. Waiting since August for it here in Dubai. ­čśô
  9. I got a ps4 pro with wired nat 2 connection and 100mbps down and I'm still getting this issue. I'm playing with random people so i don't know about their connections. I've only played 4 levels multiplayer and I've gotten the black screen every time, forcing me to reboot the game. The first time i got extremely heavy lag and the other three times i had basically no noticable lag at all.
  10. Hi Rhyden, We haven't announced any additional plans for BattleBlock Theater at this time. We're a small team with limited resources, so we have to pick and choose our projects very carefully -- and we're currently working on our fifth new game! Who knows what the future might hold, though! You can always keep an eye on our Blog for any new announcements: Thanks for understanding!
  11. Are you guys making pit people or battleblock theater for ps4 or switch because I love battleblock theater and I would love to play it again and pit people looked awesome thank you guys for your wonderful games
  12. I bought this game with the intention to play online but it's impossible. Every transition results in black screen for the host and waiting for player for everybody else. I have a wired connection, nat type 2, 500Mbps trying to play with another person remotely with a wired connection, nat type 200Mbps and 100% of the attempts result in fail. The games lags, aways, but is "acceptable" to play, but it's rediculous to have an issue like that in 2019. I also tested random people from internet and the results are the same which means the "explanation" of 3Gbits and bellow is not accurate. Please fix the game or refund everyone and stop selling the game until is fixed. Please feel free to reach me for further details or to help to debug this issue.
  13. Hi Saibotario, We cannot offer free copies of the game to players on other platforms; even though we brought the game to new consoles, you still made the purchase for PC and that is where your copy of the game will have to remain. We also cannot transfer that license to PS4 as the different platforms do not necessarily play nicely with each other and each console has different game requirements. We do not have plans for cross-play at this time either; however, if cross-play was ever implemented it is unlikely that it would include PC as the console and PC versions of the game have multiple differences.
  14. So Nintendo switch on the leaderboard someone hacked the game/glitches the game to be first however it is 100% a glitch because his number is -2147483544 and he has 4 different accounts of this which is taking up half the leaderboard. The name of the guy is cris#1998.
  15. Earlier
  16. Hello good afternoon, Good morning or Good night, I have a little question, I have the title castle crashers on my steam, and recently the game was relaunched for playstation 4, I was wondering if I can get a copy of the game on another platform? (in case ps4) because I find it unfair as a consumer to have to buy the title again, if the answer is no, you intend to launch a cross-play between platforms (which for me is enough because I just want to play with my friends), thank you for reading my message.
  17. We're probably giraffing you crazy with this month long Castle Crashers celebration (and all the bad puns that have come with it), but more heads means more fun, and there are new unlocks for you this week in BattleBlock Theater! New Co-op Playlist: "Monde 1-1" by Kohana RECAP´╗┐: Rammy, Troll, & Thief - 10/18 Giraffey - 10/25 It's not a stretch to say this head is one of the best yet!
  18. So, me and my friend have been playing Castle Crashers on the Nintendo Switch and we have been experiencing some peculiar desync issues. Specifically in the desert areas of the latter half of the game. For example, when the 30 second time would start, in my game I made it to the escape pod ony my screen but no one did on my friend's screen. I continued to progress from the alien ship to the desert chase while my friend was sent back map screen. When I would move my knight in-game, it would move my friend in the map screen and everything. So my question is, is this going to be fixed anytime soon?
  19. 2 of my friends and i live in very rural areas, one of my friends live in a city, we have the best internet available to us. my download speed is usauly at a stead 12 mbs. but does drop frequently. i dont know the particulars of my friends tho...
  20. My download speed never falls below 10mbps.
  21. Lucia_Behemoth

    Castle Crashers PS4 online multiplayer game-breaking bug

    Hi everyone! Fortunately, I am not a bot! ­čĄľ We are still very much looking into these issues but it is going to take some time to get the fixes in since we are a small team. As for the Black screen issue, since we using the PS4 P2P services not a dedicated server, it seems to occur with users that have a download speed of 3gb and below. We will update everyone once we have further updates!
  22. Roxanne

    CCR Nintendo Switch

    Are you setting up the Joy-Cons as separate controllers in the Switch options prior to starting the game? To do this, be sure to select the "controllers" button next to options on the Switch home screen, then load up the game after you've adjusted these controller settings. From here, you should be able to start a co-op game and load in each joy-con to a separate player.
  23. So the game has been out a few weeks and is not playable with other online players. Im convinced at this point that the thing that keeps responding to us all is a bot thats not actually getting behemoth to work on this issue at all. All i want is to play with my friends and no one get black screened or kicked when transitioning between levels. It is not nat type problems or connection problems its a problem with behemoths servers. Please fix this or refund everyones games.
  24. My friends and i are also running into this issue, we are all wired. nat type 2. sumtimes lag sumtimes smoother then butter. the wierd thing is that its doesnt cuase the app to crash like when other apps freeze and we submit a bug report to ps4. i love you guys. have since newgrounds in the 90s and have owned most of your games in 1 form or another. when Castle crashers Remastered came to ps4 was super excited and convinced my friends to buy it and play. its stil a great game even with the bugs. but this gitch makes it unplayable on multiplayer with my friends
  25. So I bought Castle Crashers on the Switch to play with my 6 year old (local co-op), but somehow I can't start a game in co-op. What's the procedure to start a game? I have two joycons, one for each of us, but the second joycon doesn't do anything, I can only start single player games.
  26. Why can't you tell jokes to thieves? Because they take things literally. We're not stealing away the celebration quite yet -- there are more Castle Crashers heads for you to unlock this week in BattleBlock Theater! New Arena Playlist: "Black and Blue [Arena]" by KLJF22 RECAP´╗┐: The King, Rammy, & Troll - 10/11 Thief - 10/18
  27. Malus_X

    PS4 Emerald Sword

    I'd actually like some help since it seems nobody on my friends list has the game.
  28. Klart

    Castle Crashers PS4

    It is there! Praise the lords!
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