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  4. This holiday, get the gift of Winston. And boy, is he a gift. New Arena Playlist: "Symmetry Battle" by Archidamus RECAP: Moose - 12/20 Winston - 12/20 Santa - 12/27 Look at that face. How could you say no?
  5. I am trying to play local multiplayer. I am trying to have my kids play with me on their profiles on the same Switch.
  6. Are you trying to use other profiles in local multiplayer or online multiplayer? Unfortunately this feature will not work in online multiplayer as Nintendo only allows one account to use their Nintendo Switch Online Services.
  7. Are you trying to use other profiles in local multiplayer or online multiplayer? Unfortunately this feature will not work in online multiplayer as Nintendo only allows one account to use their Nintendo Switch Online Services.
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  9. I have looked through tons of forums but I have yet to find an answer. To save the coop players progress I understand I need to press "Y" on the switch to change profiles, but it says no other players can log into the game. Does this mean I have to buy the game on all of the users on my switch?
  10. I have tried to login with my other profiles but as soon as I press 'Y' it says no other players can log in. Even though I have 3 other profiles on this system. Do I need to buy the game under all the profiles?
  11. I am getting it too, we thought it was chars not watching the intro scenes. But its clear its just busted i guess.
  12. Did you know some companies do Black Friday deals for an entire week? I didn't, but I do now. Seriously guys, please stop sending me emails about it. December means it's HOLIDAY SZN, so enjoy these festive new friends for the chillier month. New Co-op Playlist: "2 Players=FUN" by RubikAZ RECAP: 50% Off - 12/13 Moose - 12/20 Santa - 12/27 We especially love mooses... er, moosen... meese???
  13. LOL, I appreciate the humor! Got a laugh out of me this morning. Thanks!!
  14. Thank you for the swift answer! It's for the best, legally, and the fact that Hominid has already shown potential to completely destroy a prison.
  15. yes please put him on mobile i love castle but i want to play on mobile
  16. Thank you for your interest in our game! While we really appreciate that you took the time to ask for permission about using our game as source material for your friend's own work, we must respectfully decline your proposal. We have registered trademarks and copyrights for all of our games with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore, we have to urge you to find a different source to serve inspiration for the game, and to refrain from using our characters to create new content. Good luck on your endeavors, and we wish you the best!
  17. Hello! I am a good friend (Not technically affiliated with the company) of the lead mobile game developer of Springloaded. He makes lovely free to play games and has been a great creator and is loved within the community. One of Springloaded's newer releases is Prison Planet, in which you lock up different alien races and maintain resources to create your own custom prison. It's a fun game, but I digress, as I am not here to advertise. One of the features in the game is a new alien is introduced each week. You complete a challenge, and unlock a new alien! Typically, he asks the community for ideas or creates an obscure reference to pop culture. He doesn't really know I am asking this, but I know he is a fan of Behemoth games (He has mentioned Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater quite a few times in private conversations). I was wondering whether it would be okay to include Alien Hominid as one of the weekly event aliens. It seems he would fit perfectly in an intergalactic prison game, and he would be a great fit in with the art style of the game as well! I'm sure he would be very happy to hear that he's gained your blessings.
  18. Cyber Monday exists. For the next week, you can unlock the Cyber Monday head just by starting up BattleBlock Theater! Be sure to get your shopping-addicted head before Friday, 12/6 -- it will soon disappear along with the rest of the internet's shopping deals! And while you're here, be sure to check out our Cyber Monday deals on games and merch before they disappear tomorrow! You can find a complete list here: EXTRA RECAP: Turkey - 12/6 Mr. Peabody - 12/6 50% Off - 12/13
  19. Hey there -- we're still working to get it fixed, but unfortunately it's taking some time. We still have full intentions of putting a patch out to help resolve the issues when it's ready.
  20. We can't say that there are any plans for it at the moment as we are currently focused on a number of other projects, but you never know what the future might hold!
  21. I would very much like to play. I haven't been able to play this game in a really long time and I bought my friends the game as well so I practically paid 40$ for it and it's impossible to play online. It's actually causing system crashes and of course again, the black loading screen of death. Please fix this, it's probably one of the best side scrolling games I've ever played and I'd very much like to be able to play it with my friends. Also, I know you're not a bot and part of the actual staff of the game, I hope there's a second game of this inbound at some point. Thank you.
  22. Industrial DLC with a robot hand, a tesla stick and a telescope as weapons and the industrial prince as a playable character, that would be a dream come true.
  23. Every time i get a trophy it doesn’t go though and doesn’t give me it. it just says theres a problem with the save. Im really want to platinum this game on PS4
  24. +1 for Battleblock on Switch! Are there any plans?
  25. 50% Off: A slashed deal, a Black Friday promise -- but not like this. New Arena Playlist: "Hatty Cup 2014" by KLJF22 RECAP: Turkey - 12/6 Mr. Peabody - 12/6 50% Off - 12/13 Please, not like this.
  26. This issue is occurring for me and my friend as well, the game is unplayable because every time this issue occurs all the progress before hand is reset. I was really looking forward to playing this it was my favourite game growing up and it sucks that this hasn’t been fixed yet. Hoping for a fix soon.
  27. Thanks for the feedback! Do you guys have a timetable for when you are trying to get that out?
  28. I honestly only got this game again to play with my friends, and it looks like that won't be happening. The servers are absolutely laggy to the point it isn't playable with people online. It's fine when people are local of course, but the online was the big reason a bunch of people bought it remastered. When my friend initially joined we were able to start the game, but the framerate was terrible, I then tried to go to the map menu and got a black screen. As of current it is unplayable with my friends online, and hopefully this gets fixed ASAP, because otherwise I semi regret getting the game remastered. It looks great, but servers being this bad isn't good.
  29. Yes! We are aware of the issue, and there is a patch being worked on that should help resolve some of these problems when it is finished. Thanks for the report!
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