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  2. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    looking for castle crashers (XBL)

    My gamertag on XB1 is xMEMEDANDELIONx sooo, PLEASE HELP ME ON INSANE MODE!!!!!! XD But seriously, help me.
  3. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    Xbox Insane Mode

    Please help me! My Xbox One Gamertag is xMEMEDANDELIONx
  4. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    C.C. Insane mode. Please help me!(Xbox One)

    I'm stuck in the ship and my best character is level 91. I really want to beat insane mode, and I would be really greatful if someone helped me with it! My best character is Hatty Hattington. He's also my favorite! I'm okay at juggling so, it might not go well on my side of things XD! Anyway, that's all that I wanted to say for now!
  5. Deathlyhub/xMEMEDANDELIONx

    Some friends to play Castle Crashers-insane mode with.

    I play on xbox one, so if you do, I can help you. Potentialy. XD
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  7. Soul_Eater

    CCR PS4

    Mmm I don't have anything to say.It's an amazing game ,so I will wait auntil they release it for PS4
  8. Slurpey

    Are the Behemoth games on a time line?

    i think so too it makes sense
  9. Slurpey

    The ending is good but horrifying

    woah just woah good job behemoth i finally get it "it all makes sense now" haha the battleblock theater ending goes well with this!😂
  10. For the next two weeks, you can check out the classic "BoomerLands" by Syntaxx. The Blocketeer unlock will be available for the next two weeks when completing either the Solo or Co-op Featured Playlist. RECAP: The Nose - 1/25 The Blockateer - 2/1
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  12. Castlecrasherwar

    i need help :(

    i'm a steam player and i have VERY, VERY bad issues when i go online, and solo... I NEED HELP Sorry for caps but please behemoth, help me!
  13. Morg

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    I lost my pet Bloob the last time I saw him he was staring at a black hole video feed what do I do
  14. Morg

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    five golden swings
  15. Morg

    You're banned!

    Banned for not being a bigger elder chicken, I'm older than u
  16. Morg

    Avatar Theme - First Vote

    Epic joke friend
  17. Morg

    What Are Your Favorite Soundtracks From Games?

    Pokemon Battle Revolution don't @ me
  18. Nice, but I do not condone clownshaming
  19. Morg

    Tayseanpwns' Art Thread

    This is awesome stuff. Hanging with the Yacht Club boys must have been fun too. Definitely not jealous
  20. Tayseanpwns

    Tayseanpwns' Art Thread

    Hello friends. I just graduated from art school and just finished interning with Yacht Club Games! I am now looking for full time opportunities and wanted to share with you guys the work I have been doing. Below are examples of my grad project. I made character designs for a fighting game! Thanks for checking out some of my stuff. More can be found at the links below.
  21. For the next two weeks, you can check out the classic "Ancient Arena" by Pat_rick75. The Nose Knows unlock will be available for the next two weeks when launching the game. RECAP: Monster - 1/18 The Nose - 1/25
  22. Chris


    I don't think this thread is going anywhere, so I'm locking it up as spam. Any questions or queries with this, please message me 🙂
  23. Castlecrasherwar


    is the ice king a F U R R Y????
  24. Happy New Year! For the next two weeks, you can check out the Behemoth created, "MomentumMonster". In celebration of the first unlock of 2019, the Monster will be available until 1/18/19. RECAP: Monstery - 1/18 Final Unicorn - 1/11 Upward and onward! -The Behemoth
  25. Castlecrasherwar


    it's gone now
  26. JaPrSt

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Why hello there, kind sirs and sirettes! My name is Jamie Price Stubblefield, and I am an enthusiast of all art forms, aspiring to be a multimedia artist myself one day! As for who I actually am, I'm a 15 year old whackjob with a never-ending supply of anxiety, rhythm game addiction, and being more gay than the He-Man TV show :p <---- A drawing I made of me and my boyfriend Ethan I found The Behemoth from Castle Crashers on the good old XBOX 360, back before Minecraft was ported to consoles, and fell in love with the endless supply of laughs, friends, hacks (don't tell the cops!), and even some beatdowns on...whatever the main antagonist of Castle Crashers was...yeah that game's actually pretty all over the place now that I think about it. I'm currently being a total rhythm game junkie, the ones I'm playing the most being Groove Coaster 4: Heavenly Festival and Sound Voltex IV: Heavenly Haven. Speaking of which, fun fact! I actually came to this forum looking for Will Stamper's twitter (well, more like the existence of it, hehe) so I can tell him that he would make a good voice for a navigator in Groove Coaster. I thought that since GC4 now has an English localization and language, it would make for a neat idea to get Behemoth fans to play Groove Coaster as well (They even have freaking UNDERTALE songs to play!). Anyway, I should probably stop myself before I ramble into another dimension, a more Lame Dimension if you will, later mortals! Hope to see some of you guys and guyettes around!
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