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  2. Hi there! Not every character or item will be available from the start in the Switch version; you have it right, and you will need to unlock them later in the game by purchasing some of the other characters (with in-game coins, not real currency, of course!) Hope that helps!
  3. So I bought the necromancer dlc on my Xbox 360 then went to my Xbox one to download it, it did download then when I started the game it uninstalled or something like that.
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  5. poison is basically fire i mean how does it suck when its almost the same
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  7. I recently bought CC:Remastered for Nintendo Switch. It supposedly comes with all the DLCs, but some of the content from the DLCs is missing in the game. For example, I can select the Pink Knight as a character, but most of their weapons are missing from the Black Smith (for example, broccoli sword). Are all those weapons now findable / unlockable? Do they need to be "turned on" somehow? I've previously bought Castle Crashers on two other systems and bought the DLCs and these weapons were available from the beginning. As well, some of the playable characters are missing as well. I can play the Pink Knight and Purple Knight, but I cannot play the King from the start. I thought that was part of the King Pack DLC that is now included... but now do I have to unlock all those characters. I assumed there is a trick here and the DLC content is not as accessible as it has been in the past. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I bought Castle Crashers Remastered on my Nintendo Switch that supposedly comes with all the DLCs, but a bunch of the content from the DLCs are missing like all the extra DLC-specific weapons. For example, I see the Pink Knight is selectable as a character, but none of their weapons show up at the blacksmith. Do I have to do anything to activate these DLC features?
  9. Come on and slam, and welcome to the (apple) jam! New Arena Playlist: "Jump 'n Slam!" by Pannox RECAP: The Nose Knows - 1/31 Mr. Bobbins - 2/7
  10. I know right?!?! I'm sure they would make a bit of money seeing as it's an amazing multiplayer game, and it wouldn't be too hard to port honestly...
  11. I would instantly buy battleblock theater if it came out on
  12. Hello! So a friend recently told me you can actually transfer your characters from the Xbox 360 version of the game to the remastered version. I was very excited about this, but when I opened the old version of the game I was shocked to see they were all level 1. Any help? Or is this forum dead on the Castle Crashers topic?
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  14. I don't know, you don't know, who knows but The Nose... The Nose Knows. New Solo Playlist: "Heaven to Hell" by SnakeBD RECAP: Boot - 1/24 The Nose Knows - 1/31 Also, let's just take a moment to consider that this is paired with the boot unlock. We don't have to know much to know that is SMELLY.
  15. Aw, it looks like Hatty could almost be his own prisoner head! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  16. Small correction to my above post, which I have also edited -- please follow the steps and configure the joy-cons while you are on the character select screen. This should resolve your issue!
  17. No it still does not work after I did what you said, I set up both my controls in the joy con menu but once I enter the game it asks me to press L R buttons to configure either left or right . So no matter how many times or how many ways I tried it still doesn’t work. I really like this game on my pc and now it is really a pity that doesn’t work on my switch for 2 players
  18. my bad fan art of hatty XD (very much due to using a mouse and CLEARLY nothing to do with my bad drawing skills)
  19. If friends have a switch and they sign in with their Nintendo ID profiles for local multiplayer, shouldn’t it load their character levels? And shouldn’t it save their XP? Why else would they need to sign in?
  20. Well if I can say you the true the same thing happens to me. I was thinking nobody played the game. But I think It's because the servers are broken or something. Also if you want to play my username is criser2
  21. Just a week ago we kicked off 2020, and now we're just kickin'. With this boot. New Arena Playlist: "BattleBall" by Le Bootiful Face / Billy Mayonnaise RECAP: The Monster - 1/17 Boot - 1/24 Take one step at a time, and be sure to put your sole into it.
  22. Looks like you got it figured out, but for anyone that stumbles across this post in the future... We haven't announced or made any plans to bring BattleBlock Theater to the Nintendo Switch at this time! In the future who knows what might happen? But for now, our small team is currently wrapped up in our plans for Game 5.
  23. Es mi juego favorito, lo tuve en Xbox360 y me encantaría tenerlo también en switch, espero y algún día esto se cumpla:(
  24. I wanted to know since I don’t have accesses to my xbox anymore since it broke and was hoping for a portable version.
  25. We're kicking off 2020 with an unintentional existential crisis of non-existence and mass extinction. Seriously, this wasn't planned. New Co-op Playlist: "CoMentum Monster" by Furrybottom1 RECAP: The Final Unicorn - 1/10 The Monster - 1/17 Hooray...?
  26. Hi Double U! Unfortunately there is no way to transfer your save data from one platform to another, as different consoles from different companies don't always play nice with each other. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for understanding!
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