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  2. So quick question I’m trying to figure out this juggling thing and finding it very hard. I’ve kinda got the hang of the A+X together to get me up then 2 Y’S XYY XYY etc. But what I don’t get is when I’m up from the A+X the YY into XYY XYY XYY etc the YY portion of the combo sometimes the second Y is a slam and sometimes it’s a twirl. If it’s a twirl I can keep going but sometimes it’s a slam? Can’t seem to consistently make it the twirl? Really struggling to juggle at all. Thanks for any help
  3. April 3rd was BattleBlock Theater's 7th Anniversary! For this week's unlocks, we're celebrating with the classics: two very recognizable faces and a playlist from us to you. New Co-op Playlist: "Co-MomentumMonster" by The Behemoth RECAP: Blocketeer - 4/10 Boom! - 4/10 Behemoth Chicken - 4/17 Furbottom - 4/17 Can't beat those classics! A delicious anniversary indeed.
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  5. Hey there! As of right now, we don't have any plans to make any additional Castle Crashers content. We're a small team, so we have to pick and choose our projects carefully; right now, we have tons of ideas for new games we're excited about instead! Thanks for understanding
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    Hi there! If your DLC still hasn't appeared, please submit a ticket to so our team can lend a hand!
  7. So I like many many people have played castle crashers a lot, or played the remastered version and love the game so much. So much so tho I found these forums and decided to post (what I can imagine is an annoying repeated question all the time). Castle crashers 2, we want it so bad. And if not some dlc! Anything coming at all? Anyone? A petition I can sign? Lol
  8. I'm currently using my controller from my original xbox through XBCD and everything seems to be working great except the left and right triggers. In the xbox 360 preset it sets the left trigger to Z- and the right trigger to Rotation Z-. in the Game controllers control panel this results in the two axis being at full bar and the trigger reduces them. In game this results in the both of them being on unless I press them. Not a great gaming experience. When changing the axis to Z+ and Rotation Z+, thus having the triggers have the opposite effect (slider at 0 and increases as pressed) the two triggers do nothing and are activated all the time no matter if I press them or not. So, I'm wondering, what axis configuration the game likes for the left and right triggers. I do not have an xbox 360 controller to compare with on my computer otherwise I would. (Any suggestions to purchase an xbox 360 receiver or anything else will be assumed to be an offer to pay for it as well) Literally every other button and axis works perfectly fine.
  9. I am playing on Xbox One, Castle Crashers Remastered. I am playing insane mode with two friends online. On Lava world, we defeat all the enemies and we try to move on but we can’t. The screen won’t move. Then we notice that the AIs walk off the screen (always on the left side) and don’t come back. It’s extremely frustrating doing the same level over and over because of this bug. Please fix it. We love playing this game but we don’t want to play it anymore because of this bug. We’ve also wasted thousands of coins buying sandwiches and potions, just to have to restart the level. The AIs do it on all the levels but they usually come back. The 360 version didn’t have these glitches and was hands down better than the remastered version. Although it’s more like Castle Crashers Reglitched version. There are so many more glitches on this version. On the Tall Grass version, the king dies and then the catapults arent there, and then the Kings decapitated body appears on the screen blinks and disappears. Please fix it.
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    Hello, I just bought the necromantic pack for my castle crashers remastered on my xbox one. I go on to the game and see it unlocked the pink knight and the blacksmith. But no necromancer or cult minion. What happened?
  11. But ya gotta admit, Girraffey is adorable, For me i'd rather use Hatty or Orange Knight (for their magic specifically), the gold key (-1 Str, +3 Mag, +3 Agi) and Since im replaying the game, i like to Use Meowbert for Cyclops' fortress, and Install Ball for the rest.
  12. So I like many many people have played castle crashers a lot, or played the remastered version and love the game so much. So much so tho I found these forums and decided to post (what I can imagine is an annoying repeated question all the time). Castle crashers 2, we want it so bad. And if not some dlc! Anything coming at all? Anyone? A petition I can sign? Lol
  13. oof i just realized the last time someone replied to this was 2014 this is 2020 now. bruh moment
  14. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOWWWWWWWWW OMGGGG!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MELTED COW!!!! Ok. Here's my theory; Hatty Hattington is still alive, he is just in a vegetative state allowing him to keep living under water. We also know that in the pit people ending, when Honey Kiss grabbed Hatty, he tilted his head up and was like, "what the heck?" THIS PUTS ME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT HONEYHUG IS THE NARRATOR OF BATTLEBLOCK THEATER!!! IT makes sense because in pit people, the ending scene where honey kiss and honey hug were bonded with souls repetively saying "I love you." And when Honey Hug said i love you it sounded EXACTLY just like the narrator in Battleblock theater!! People kept criticizing me saying, No that doesnt make sense because the narrator said stuff like he was actually experiencing it or had experienced it before. BUT THANKS TO MELTED COW WE all know that HOneyHug was once the owner of that hat. And the hat wasn't all that bad before. at first it was for good leaders but just like melted cow said, he made a rage and put a curse on it. Also i think the reason that Hatty killed Honey hug was because that honeyhug didnt really care and was saying weird things about him. Like "Oh well ur friends a vegetable blah blah blah things happen" and then he just started to sing about pants. Also in the ending of pit people, (when u complete it TWO times) It shows that honey kiss used her wish to ressurect honey hug, and when it shows honeyhug he looks pretty dang mad honestly, maybe signifying that the next game of the Behemoth will show HoneyHug trying to take revenge on Hatty Hattington. And to back up my theory about honeyhug being narrator, its pretty much common sense because in pit people, Honeykiss was the narrator so it only makes sense for honeyhug to be narrator in BBT. Ight i think thats it for my theory.
  15. It’s the most perfect combination between the funny and the most epic, that is Castle Crashers, I really would like the second part 😄
  16. The game has serious things to fix, it would be perfect a next update someday. Things you should fix: - Where are the other music discs? (I'd recommend one of them being the music from after when you beat the game, the calm one) - Put Alien Hominid head gettable somehow or get 'em out for 100% list. It woudn't be nice being possible to get 100% just if you bought the game on beta version. Recommendable: - Smartikus back. After the mission, he gave a signal that he was going to get back. - Leaderboard. To see the best players.
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  18. Hope everyone’s staying safe out there

  19. Hey if u want new characters for castle crashers go to the comment section and type smth. (Mods count too.)
  20. Cant wait to play castle crashers on my nokia 3310.
  21. Hello, have you finished the insane with at least one character on steam? Can you help me skip some levels? I do not care if i skipped some levels. I keep my integridy in this game by not cheating via cheat engine. Like getting lvl 256 stats and just rushing trough it. If you could help and are up to it add me to your friend list on steam my nickname is i hate juice. (im not kidding) And yeah lets play
  22. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\CastleCrashers\data\sounds there are basically all files from the game and yes you can mod the game it is legal if you re not sure go ask the developers them self on their website Btw i am big cc enthusiast so if you'll do any work add me on steam : I h8 juice is my name
  23. I got it working now through help from your support. For everyone else reading this, you need to be in the character selection screen in game first, then got to switch home screen and split the controllers through switch menu. Go back now and it should work. The big difference is that you need to be in character selection while doing this or it won't take.
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