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  2. In case all of the Black Friday ads weren’t enough, here’s a reminder for the upcoming Cyber Monday in the form of a BattleBlock Theater Prisoner. New Co-op Playlist: "TheFortress" by SyntaxX RECAP: Mr. Peabody - 12/4 Cyber Monday - 12/11 Aren’t we all just prisoners to the system, anyway?
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  4. CAN WE PLEASE GET A BATTLEBLOCK SEQUEL, bbt is hands down amazing, we. Need a sequel like imagine BattleBlock Stadium or Arena, but it's 3d, basically bbt and all its features made to work in a 3d world. This would be a great addition to xbox series x game line up - ya boy Billy Gates
  5. Hey there! The Series 1 Figures are both sold out and no longer in production, and unfortunately we don't have any plans to bring them back. Sorry about that!!
  6. Will the behemoth ever bring back the series 1 castle crashers figures? Back in 2016 I got the orange figure I wanted to get the other ones but I didn't have the money for the rest. So last year remembered about the figures and I wanted to get the whole set since castle crashers is one of my favorite games but when I looked on the behemoth store I couldn't find them. I looked on ebay for them and they are like 200$ I don't wanna pay that kind of money for figures that once were 20$. I don't know if they are sold out or just stopped making them. But I hope they bring them back.
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  8. I have a BBT gameshow to flex my trophy 😂
  9. You want some peas with that Thanksgiving dinner? New Arena Playlist: "Black And Blue [Arena]" by KLJF22 RECAP: Turkey - 11/27 Toast - 11/27 Mr. Peabody - 12/4 Oh, sorry. Probably not the peas you had in mind.
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  11. try using the brute character its splash magic attack its pretty good.
  12. Certainly no updates on it... if it ever happened, it would have to be tied to some pretty special event. We don't like to say never, but at the moment we haven't done much more than chat about it on occasion.
  13. To be honest I think that Hatty in Castle Crashers is just a crossover and does not contribute to the plot.
  14. When Honeykiss uses Hatty to destroy stuff, Hatty lifts his head up when it shows Honeykiss pulling him out of the water. That was very most likely already stated, but I wanted to say that.
  15. Hi! Any updates on this (very) small possibility mentioned above? Should I give up all hope?
  16. Grab a turkey, grab some toast, and you got a whole meal right there! New Solo Playlist: "The Grand Quest" by Hectic_Puppy RECAP: Turkey - 11/27 (Yup, for the whole month!) Toast - 11/27 Turkey and toast separate, or combine into turkey sandwich? Let us know how you feel about this very important issue.
  17. The spooky scaries are all gone, which means it's TURKEY TIME!!! New Arena Playlist: "LordOfTheFlies" by Squiddles RECAP: Snakeface - 11/13 Turkey - 11/20 Are you ready for feastin'?
  18. This is getting a bit silly now. This issue has been present since release well over a year ago. Even when you factor in any COVID-19 related delays, this is an unreasonable amount of time to fix a game breaking bug don't you think? Is there any more substantial update other than "we are working on it"?! Any information much appreciated, thanks.
  19. lo leo en el futuro y aun no llega (aun tengo esperanza)
  20. If Alien Hominid: Invasion is technically a sequel, does that mean that there is a chance for a new Castle Crashers game or maybe a DLC with more levels, characters, weapons, etc. in the future?
  21. Yeah,i have to choose on buying a new phone,a ps3 controller (Already got it now),or a game for my ps2,but if it was on ps3 i would go asap for it,i played it on my childhood and remembered it rn and got into the fandom of the behemot,so since i dont have xbox and they probably dont sell it for ps2 anymore,id rather buy a ps3 disc than a new console (wasted life savings for a ps3 i dont even use)
  22. So the last couple of weeks we watched a prisoner lose their head, but now... SNAKEFACE!!! THEIR ENTIRE FACE IS A SNAKE?! New Co-op Playlist: "RunningMan coop" by razavimday RECAP: 50% Off - 11/6 Snakeface - 11/13 Have they been eaten by the snake, or are they the snake? We may never know.
  23. Hi Roxanne, Any update regarding the online multiplayer issue on PS4?
  24. How about a card game that includes a bunch of characters from thier games
  25. What if they just made card sleeves or a card game named BEHEMOTH THE CARD GAME
  26. OH NO THIS WEEK HAS PUT 25% MORE HEAD ON THE PRISONER CHOPPING BLOCK!!! New Arena Playlist: "Beghoule" by echoplex RECAP: 25% Off - 10/30 50% Off - 11/6 We're 50% off and it's almost the peak of spooky season!! Are you scared yet?
  27. I want the orange knight helmet for my avatar but I don’t know how I get it
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