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  2. Please i beg of you. The switch is perfect for battleblock and we would all buy it instantly. Don't let the flame die out!!
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  5. Times like this needs beautiful games like this please throw it on ps4 I'll alone hype it up for 10+ downloads/purchases🤣
  6. Hey i completely forgot about this game me and my friends loved it so much it was so fun!! Was super sad when i didnt see it on playstation store cant imagine it would be terribly hard i would pay 30 cad for this prime game best game for buddies and couples
  7. You can buy the game on Steam and play on PC, no additional accounts required! The controllers are displayed because you can plug a controller into your PC to use, and it's usually the preference for our games -- totally not necessary though!
  8. Big Foot might not exist, but we know for a fact that Little Feets does. New Arena Playlist: "River Brawl" by Ten Tacles RECAP: Snail - 7/17 Little Feets - 7/24 Now, does anyone have any ideas as to where we could find tiny shoes to fit him?
  9. hi Many times before ive seen companies release games, you can buy on their store(in this case Steam) on PC and they will only work, if you link your account to Xbox or PS4, is it the same with Castle crashers remastered? Or can i buy the game on steam and actually play on PC. Ive brought this question up because most gameplays of PC show Xbox or PlayStation controlls, so i was unsure to buy the game on steam, since i wanted to play on PC with my friends and i dont own a Xbox nor a Ps4
  10. Yeah i play on Xbox and I got on and my friend invited me and it said and error and to restart to fix or something and so I did that and when my friend invited me I joined castle Crashers and he said he couldn’t see me and I tried to play with him with another account on Xbox and he could see me so could someone help me with this problem. Every time I go online nobody sees me and when it starts with other players it just breaks and infinitely loads. It’s like my account is a ghost on castle Crashers.
  11. Excuse me, but they have said this many times that they are a small team and they hand pick there projects because they are minimized to that because of the team being small, so they can release a DLC if it is a project chosen to be created but at this time they are working on newer stuff.
  12. Unfortunately it is not available in the Asia region Sony stores, so you would have to purchase it using an account from a different region. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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  14. Needs server update to connect to online
  15. Unplayable after mission it black screens and lost all progress, online only
  16. Castle Crashers is one of my top 10 of all times. This beats Marios, Zeldas and GTAs. I would love a sequel. So fulfilling and such good eye candy. I hope you guys don't abandon this epic.
  17. battle block theater is awesome and I would instantly buy it on switch
  18. Hello, excuse me if my English is not very well, I'm French, i post something with hope, why don't you don't exploit Castle Crashers ? Why do you forget so many players who love the game after 8 years, i don't understand why don't add some dlc of levels/characters/weapons...etc. So much things to do and upgrade the game. So much things to do but nothing. The problem is that it's make me feel sad to abandon this game. This game is so good, this game is so addictive, this game is so perfect. I love to play it and i'm so sad about the abondonment of a game who can be so better and cooler than he's already. Please di DLC. Please, don't forget us, the community of Castle Crashers is so sad.
  19. Hello. Is it available in asia? Indonesia specifically. Would really love to play this game with my daughter but i cant seem to find it in the store. Utterly disappointed. Is there any other way to acquire the game? Thank you in advanced
  20. Hello, I just bought the game today and the black screen issue happened twice while playing with a friend. I was wondering if there are any updates regarding this. I bought it to play with my friends and it's super disappointing to not be able to. Thank you.
  21. Smiles go for miles, so you better take care of those pearly whites! New Arena Playlist: "Forest Arena" by Echoplex RECAP: Behemoth Chicken - 7/3 Toothbrush - 7/10 Say CHEESE!
  23. I drew up a concept of an earth-powered knight for fun. I couldn't figure out how to attatch multiple pictures, but all of them are in this google drive folder. Let me know what you guys think, or if you can't read my bad handwriting lol. And hmu if you're part of Behemoth and want to put him in the game 😂
  24. I am currently playing pokemon omega ruby game and This is my favorite game. See:
  25. Es una buena idea, pero no tenemos planes de hacer más juegos de Castle Crashers en este momento! - It's a neat idea, but we don't have any plans to make more Castle Crashers games right now!
  26. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you as a small workaround! That aside, we hope we'll be able to test soon. Thanks for being patient during this strange time!
  27. Hey. Guess what, they made a switch version of the remastered. All of our dreams have come true. I know this is from 2011 but I just wanted to update yall
  28. Hi DeepFreier and Roxanne, We've had the same issue since the switch console updated, with music just randomly just stopping with every screen load. Just to update you both, I changed the music setting from Stereo to Mono but with no luck. It made no difference for our switch. It's a brilliant game, makes a huge difference with no music. Covid-19 is a pain delaying every thing. Hope this gets sorted soon. Thanks for looking into this Roxanne.
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