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  3. This week's BattleBlock Theater prisoner unlock is a fuzzy fellow you know and love. New Arena Playlist: "Malice Massacre" by FrozenFish37 RECAP: Alien - 10/2 Troll - 10/9 We're not trolling, we promise! But this prisoner might be.
  4. You'll probably have some luck finding someone to help in our Discord server!
  5. It seems like nobody plays this game online anymore. I need the chicken toucher achievement, and 10 people to trade with online? Anybody willing to help out a gamer? My gamer tag is Euro DragonFire.
  6. Should we start a petition on a seperate site for it. This is one of my favorite games of all time. Would pay $70 for a squeal or something pretty similar. Bout to cop the remaster that I didn't even know came out yet.
  7. Necromancer is such a cool character, and everything about him is incredible, except for one move. His splash attack is weak and lacking. This is why I propose a simple change for Necromancer that could make him much better. Instead of having his splash attack hit once per section of hands, make it like the Industrialist or Fencer, where it hits repeatedly instead of once. This damage change could make his splash attack more useable, as well as increase his playability and survivability. Necromancer radiates power, and a change such as this could make him feel how he should feel: Unstoppable.
  8. Hi there! Unfortunately we can't transfer your data from one platform to another, as the different game platforms don't necessarily play nice with each other. Sorry about that!
  9. Can I transfer my ps3 account of castle crash to steam, so i can keep all my progress and everything?
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  11. We're gearing up for the final weekend of PAX Online + EGX Digital! When you aren't playing BBT, here's a little reminder to get your fill of Alien Hominid Invasion in while you still can. New Solo Playlist: "Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo)" by TheJArago RECAP: Rammy - 9/25 Buckle Your Pants - 9/25 Cupcake - 9/25 Alien - 10/2 The AHI demo disappears after September 19th, so don't dawdle!
  12. Hi there, There is an online crash we are aware of involving online multiplayer that we are currently working on a solution for. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  13. Hi there! We are still working on this. If you would like to refund the game, please refer to Sony's refund policy and submit through their ticketing system. Thank you!
  14. hello everyone, still no solution? It's been a year since the first boy who made the claim. I understand the delays, but a year ?? I played on ps3 and I never had problems, I bought the game yesterday, with great joy and nostalgia, it cost me 15 dollars, but I get this error on my ps4. I am writing to you from Chile, I hope you will find a solution soon or refund the money.
  15. Hello everyone, yesterday I bought the game for PS4, my internet is fine, it allows me to play with people from anywhere in the world and in no other game have I had this problem. every time I want to play online it keeps loading screen or looking for players. Does anyone know any solution?
  16. Hi there! While we don't have any official place to sign up, he might have some luck finding a group in the Castle Crashers channel of our Discord server! You can join at Hope it helps!
  17. Hi My son is looking for help completely a level on insane. Is there a group or page anywhere he can sign up to in order to try and get a group together? Many thanks
  18. PAX Online + EGX Digital kick off this weekend, so this week's prisoner unlocks are one big Behemoth celebration! New Arena Playlist: "TouchyBlocky" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: FBI Agent 1 - 9/18 Rammy - 9/25 Buckle Your Pants - 9/25 Cupcake - 9/25 Alien Hominid, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Pit People... now you know your ABCP's!
  19. Can anyone gift me all the star heads or am I able to unlock them all still?
  20. Hello fellow gamers! One question I remember the orange princess in the original (non remastered) had a big nose in the end instead of this clown business. Can anyone find a picture of this please and thank you.
  21. An Alien Hominid Invasion demo arrives next weekend for PAX/EGX Online... which means the FBI Agent is arriving in BattleBlock Theater! New Co-op Playlist: "Jungle Jumper" by SyntaxX Expert RECAP: Giraffey - 9/11 Swamp Bro - 9/11 FBI Agent 1 - 9/18 Are you team Agent, or team Alien?
  22. Hi Riccardo, The game should be back in the eShop now! Enjoy.
  23. Any update on the PEGI-approval? Will it take any longer? Many thanks. Regards.
  24. Good things are going on in your posts. The article content is very impressive. surviv io
  25. Wow i think your theory is the most complete but i want someone to explain wtf on cc hatty is running and juggling when is cc supposed to take place or the bear took a while to fall that just hatty got bored of him falling so he went to help the cc knights xd i don’t what i just said
  26. So hatty on bbt became a vegetable but then you see him on cc running around juggling and doing stuff how? Was hatty lying to his friends at the end? And then on pit people he just appears right where he ended on bbt like he was always a vegetable like if cc hatty was from an alternative timeline and here on pit people looks like he is still a vegetable but then when honeykiss grabs him he moves was hatty being mean to his best friends to be left alone?
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