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  3. 14 years of Alien Hominid HD. 14 years of Alien hunting. 14 years of Agent takedowns. In HD. New Co-op Playlist: catty catty by Pukszkoslaw RECAP: Boot - 3/5 Alien - 3/12 FBI Agent 1 - 3/12 Who knew it would all lead to an Invasion?
  4. If you're looking for folks to play with, you might also have luck in our Discord server!
  5. Have already beat the game on normal mode and now I'm stuck on the Forest Entrance level on insane mode on Nintendo switch, hoping someone can help me beat it. Add me if you think you could help, my gamer tag is Mooncake:3
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  7. The game looks great, the movement and concept and customization are great, too. But... There's a danger that it all looks the same. Will there be any other modes? Or can you change some of the color schemes for some levels? Like those bots that shoot green all the time, maybe change up the color to make it feel different for different levels.... Or change the UI interface (like it was done for the bonus level) In Battleblock, some of these simple color changes really helped the levels feel like different environments. I love the look of this game, I just hope it can really be a long term game that I'll play multiplayer.
  8. The Behemoth as a whole -- developing, publishing, businessing, and anything else you can think of that has to do with our games -- is made up of less than 20 people, so when we decide to work on a project, everyone gets wrapped up in it! A lot of the time when we share our team size, people ask why we don't just expand our staff. We actually choose to stay small, because the work environment is a place where everyone knows everyone, we can share and build off of each other's ideas easily (even if it's not someone's main job; for example, someone on our QA team might come up with an awesome game design idea!), and everyone is an important part of the team. Hope that helps answer your question!
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  10. Isn't CCRemastered just CC with the additional content?
  11. Hi Roxanne! Can you please explain what a small team with limited resources means? I mean, CC sold something like 3 million copies, right? Is your team working on AHI as independent from Behemoth?
  12. Valentine's Day is over, so it's time to give all of that lovey dovey stuff the BOOT! New Arena Playlist: BattleBall by Le Bootiful Face/ Billy Mayonnaise RECAP: Rose - 2/26 Ms. Pump - 'Til the end of the month! Boot - 3/5 And by that, we mean we're giving you the Boot. Literally. Enjoy it.
  13. Are you playing on Xbox? Unfortunately, Furbottom's Features are no longer available for the Xbox version of the game. You can learn more about that here:
  14. when i switch between profiles all my progres is lost! (switch remastered) an when i play localy wiht 2 profiles but when i alone again the progres of the other profile is deleted
  15. Hello friends, Recently I am facing a strange issue. I play online games. But the problem is the game minimizes automatically during playing games. Can anyone suggest me why it happens? I can't identify the issue behind this? Any suggestion would be definitely appreciated.
  16. How come the BATTLEBLOCK theater service is always down? Like when I try to upload my playlists or play online or furbottoms features, it just says the service is down???
  17. Snakey all the way. You may think "Industrialist or fencer!" But I say to you.... yeah those are good too. But snakey
  18. First upgrade agility to 5-10, then upgrade either defense or magic, and then when you start running out of easy levels, put some into strength. Strength means less EXP
  19. Press the home button but don't exit put of the game, and then go to controllers and then connect the controllers again. I've went through that before that should fix it.
  20. This is definitely unusual! Please submit a ticket to so our team can provide direct assistance to you.
  21. On the Nintendo switch, I have multiple users connected to my family account. When on character selection we press "Y" to add users so our levels are saved and we get the error code : another user cannot be selected, so this process cannot continue How do I fix this issue so we can play 4 players and save our levels and stats
  22. We've got a bundle of love to share with you this weekend -- in the form of BattleBlock Theater prisoner unlocks, of course! New Solo Playlist: Industrial by xDplayerDx RECAP: Groundhog - 2/19 Rose - 2/26 Ms. Pump - 'Til the end of the month! Nothing says I heart you like PRISONERS!
  23. Me and my friends play castle crushers online. We experienced a lot of lag during our sessions last night. The game is therefor unplayable. Also the game crashed a couple of times but there was no specific event that caused this crash. We tested other games and our ping and internet connections are fine.
  24. I agree, the wings also make him look cooler and you never see him touch the ground until you actually battle him.
  25. The issues previously mentioned in this thread have been fixed as of a couple of months ago -- if you're still experiencing any problems, please reach out to and our team should be able to assist you directly!
  26. Sound the alarm, 'cause you already know that the Groundhog has seen its shadow! New Arena Playlist: Symmetry Battle by Archidamus RECAP: Siren - 2/12 Groundhog - 2/19 Six more weeks of winter, so who's bringing the hot chocolate?
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