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  2. Thank you for everything, everyone

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  4. You can't post here but I still can so I'm going to. For like, posterity. And because I'm so used to it Anyway, whatcha got cooking this weekend? Cecil's guaranteed to be working on something spicy. New Arena Playlist: Ballout by echoplex RECAP: Boom! - 5/7 Cecil the Cooking Cat - 5/14 We hope your weekend is magically delicious! (PS, you can learn more about the forum shutdown here:
  5. We're still trying to figure out if that's going to be a thing or not! For now, we will continue to post on Twitter and Facebook every week, but we're not sure if we'll bring this section over to Discord as well. We'll be sure to share if we do!!
  6. Hey there! We actually did patch this, so if you're still having issues please go ahead and reach out through!
  7. Same problem. I bought it for me and my friend and we're both on pc and at the very first boss we de-synched so he isn't interested anymore. pls fix it cuz the game is really fun but with this problem we can't even play through the barbarian part.
  8. Hey, thanks for posting! Since we're migrating from the forums to Discord, will there be a section in there for the posts about these special prisoners?
  9. Months ago I challenged myself to draw every single Castle Crashers characters, at first, it was the playable characters, then I added npcs, shopkeepers, then I decided to go all out and draw the animals.... Anyways, I can say that this project is finally complete and I would love to share it on the forum before it closes once and for all
  10. I know this thread is two years old, but I wanted to post the solution in case anyone else comes across it. The problem: The account that owns the game is playing on a secondary (non-primary) switch console. The symptom: No other switch account is allowed to play local multiplayer. Attempting to hit "Y" to change the account will result in an error message. The solution: You must make the console you're attempting to play on your primary console. Once the console has been set to primary, other switch profiles will be able to play local multiplayer (by pressing "Y") The steps to achieve the solution: 1) Log onto the account's (that purchased Castle Crashers) primary console. The primary console is defined as the first console a given account logs into the Nintendo E-shop. 2) Log onto the Nintendo E-shop with said account. 3) Select the account's picture in the upper right corner of the E-shop. 4) Under "Account settings" (your profile picture selected in the left side of the screen) scroll down on the right side of the screen until you reach "Primary Console". For me, this setting is right under my password/email section. 5) Select "De-register" primary console. Confirm your selection. 6) On the console that you wish to play Castle Crashers, log into the Nintendo E-shop with the account that owns the game. 7) Log out of Nintendo E-shop, and restart Castle Crashers. You have now set the new console as the primary console of the account which owns the game and you should be able to load AND SAVE other profiles in tandem with the primary account. NOTE: If you no longer have access to the primary console of the account which purchased the game, Nintendo provides a method for you to remotely change the primary console. You are only allowed to perform this operation once per year or six months, I think. See Nintendo's guide for this process. I hope this helps someone. Wish people posted their solutions more. Cheers, James P
  11. When one door closes, another one opens. When one forum closes, you move your fans and players to Discord. Yes, it’s finally that time — after many years of having official Behemoth Forums, it’s time to say farewell to this archaic form of communication and launch fully into the ever-changing world of instant messaging. On Monday, April 26, 2021, our forums will be locked to read-only. At this time, you will be able to search and read and learn things as you wish, but you will no longer be able to create new posts or reply to old ones. Be sure to read the archives to your heart’s content, because on Monday, May 10, 2021, the forums will disappear completely. Well, they do say nothing on the internet ever really goes away, but you know. You won’t be able to reach them anymore on our end. But do not fear! Our internet presence isn’t going away forever, we’re just on a migration. We’ll be having all of our conversational communications over on our official Discord server, which you can join by heading over to If you’re a long time forum user interested in continuing to hang out with us on Discord, be sure to message Behemoth staff member Roxanne on Discord to let her know what your forum username was. You’ll be granted a special shiny role in Discord so we can honor your legacy with us! If Discord isn’t your groove, that’s cool too. Remember that you can always stay tapped in to Behemoth news on our social media channels like Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for sticking with us through so many stages of the internet. And remember, this isn’t a goodbye. It’s a “see you on that other channel.” ❤️
  12. Sometimes, you just gotta go out with a bang! New Co-op Playlist: Orange Blocks (two players) by Getlucky12341 RECAP: Little Feets - 4/30 Boom! - 5/7 Boom boom bye to the Behemoth forums. Soon gone but not forgotten. (Learn more:
  13. Hey there! Please submit a ticket to so our team can provide assistance
  14. I just went to play on the Switch, and all my character levels and unlocks are gone. It acts like I just started the game for the first time, and already wrote data to the save cloud. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix?
  15. Gosh I would LOVE to have alien hominid HD on steam, you guys did it with invasion, and while co-op gameplay isn't really my thing, I would buy 5 copies of AH HD, I already own BBT and i plan on getting castle crashers at some point
  16. One foot, two foot, big foot, little... feets New Arena Playlist: Ancient Arena by Pat_rick75 RECAP: Blocketeer - 4/23 Little Feets - 4/30 Well, you know what they say! Two feets are better than one feets. Or something.
  17. That's definitely abnormal, especially for Xbox -- feel free to open up a ticket with so that our team can provide assistance to help you get things sorted out!
  18. I'm having the exact same problem but on xbox one. Sometimes the game runs just fine for multiplayer online. While other times it is completely unplayable with constant freezing, and " waiting for players" being displayed on the screen. Everyone involved has a pretty sold internet connection and we play other games online with no problem. I'm not sure if it's a problem on our end or if there's anything we can do to fix the problem. Thanks in advance -Jd
  19. And I think it's gonna be a long, long time'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find... New Solo Playlist: A Round of Golf by SirRobo RECAP: Furbottom - 4/16 Blocketeer - 4/23 BLOCKETMANNNNNNN
  20. Hey there! This actually was patched a couple months back, so these previous issues should be fixed. If you're still experiencing trouble with multiplayer, then it's likely that something else is going on. Please submit a ticket to so that our team can help address your issue directly!
  21. U have the information and resources 2 create castle Crashers 2
  22. Aight well, start updating Castle Crashers
  23. Just following up on this thread. Still suffering major lag online multi-player Definitely a game breaker at least when playing with friends. Looking forward to a fix.
  24. This Furbottom's Feature prisoner unlock is the man, the legend himself: Purrham Furbottom! New Arena Playlist: Tournament1 by Shoval222 RECAP: Cupcake - 4/9 Furbottom - 4/16 How do you feel about having the very namesake in the sweaty palm of your hand? Pretty cool, right??
  25. Hi there! There's no way to just transfer Castle Crashers data through our own means, but Data Transfer utility may help. You can learn more about that on Sony's website here:
  26. Is there a way to transfer my youngest son's save file from his older brother's ps3 to his own ps3? I've tried via flash drive but it just reset everything to zero.
  27. Well, it's not the answer I wanted, but it's an honest answer and it makes sense. Hopefully with future games, this may become a possibility. Thanks!
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