The Behemoth Community Rules

Guess what? It’s time to learn all about the incredibly exhilarating world of our Community Rules & Guidelines! You’re so excited that your ears are bleeding glitter, right!? Me too! Alrighty, let’s get right down to it then!


All members must follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in warnings, and continued infractions will result in mod queue then banning. We may even point and laugh at you and steal your lunch money… all because you couldn’t follow a simple set of rules. New members, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the following rules:


  • You may only have ONE account in The Behemoth Community, if you are found to have multiple accounts ALL of your accounts will be banned.

  • No profanity.

  • No vulgarity.

  • No SPAMMING: Do not put up posts that consist entirely of a single word response, smileys, etc -- say something!

  • No advertisements.

  • No harassment- Posts along the lines of "you’re stupid" are frowned upon. If you disagree with someone -- engage in a debate, not an insult-a-thon.

  • No offensive or harmful posts - Anything demeaning to one's culture or beliefs may be reviewed and asked to be removed. Also, any posts that may potentially cause harm in any way may be removed as well.

  • No double-posting please. If you have something more to say, just edit your previous post. This saves space on pages and saves our poor eyeballs.

  • We hear you better when you don't yell. Please do not type in ALL CAPS! This gets old real quick.

  • And of course, try to have fun and be respectful of your fellow The Behemoth Community members! Playing our games is all about having fun, so being a part of our online community should feel like an extension of those experiences.


New Registrations

When you first register for the Behemoth Forums, you'll be added to the group "New Registration." While in this group, you'll only be able to reply to threads and those replies will need to be approved by a moderator before they are visible. Once you have three approved posts, you will automatically be moved to the "Members" group which will allow you to post new threads, edit your profile, and edit your signature. 


Forum Specific Rules

  • Don't create threads that already exist. We know this happens on accident sometimes, but use that SEARCH BAR before you post a new thread on the forums, alright? We'll move or merge if necessary.

  • Please post in the appropriate Topic.

  • If you aren’t a moderator, please don't take it upon yourself to "correct" others behavior or post etiquette. If you feel it is necessary, report the post, or PM any of the moderators. If someone posts a thread that is a duplicate of another, calling them a jerk doesn't help anybody. Post a link to the appropriate thread, and/or report it for the moderators to redirect.


How to:

  • Report a post or thread: Click the "report post" link to the right of the date on a post.

  • Edit your post: Click the "edit" button in the bottom of your post.

  • Increase reputation points: Other members will need to "like" your post to increase points. Each member is only given 10 "likes" per day to give out. For the sake of fairness, be mindful of what posts you give points to!

  • Promote member titles: Member titles (aka levels), aside from Moderators and Admin, are based on the number of posts you make. The more posts, the higher up the ranks you go.

  • Upload images: Files can be uploaded through a post (Disabled in private message). They will then be stored in your media gallery (under “My Attachments”) and you can reuse them for signatures or other posts.



  • Uploads in post: Images can be up to 800x800 pixels, but anything taller than 150pixels will automatically be switched to a thumbnail.

  • Avatars: Can be 100x100 pixels.

  • Signatures: MAX signatures image size is 450px width by 150px height.


Terms to know:

  • "PM" = Private Message

  • "Bump"= posting in a thread for the sole purpose of moving the thread back onto the "active topics" page, or back to the first page within a topic. (please don’t do this)

  • "OP"= The Opening Post or Opening poster. That is, the first post of the thread.


Wasn’t that fun? Reading all this has left you completely agog, hasn’t it? Glad to hear it! Now you can impress everybody with your incredibly well-rounded knowledge of our forum rules & guidelines as you become one of the most valuable members of The Behemoth online community. We’re glad to have you with us. We’d give you a high-five if we could, but with it being the interwebs, we'll just need to use our imagination.