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  2. Hi there! This seems unusual. Please submit a ticket to so that our team can look into the issue for you!
  3. Sorry for not being more clear -- while there isn't a help topic, you can click "submit a ticket" in the top right corner of the website to reach out directly to our support staff and they will be able to help!
  4. Hello Roxanne, there is no specific help about this issue.
  5. How can i save progress for player 2 in Xbox One Castle Crashers Local Multiplayer ?
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  7. Hello, I understand that to save the progress of the second character I have to connect another user profil, so I created one more. But when I press the Y button, a window shows and says this (translate from french) : You can't continue because you can't select another user. Please visit Nintendo assistance for more informations. How can i solve this problem please ?
  8. I SEE YOU. I See You heading into that nice long weekend, full speed ahead. New Arena Playlist: "15+5=15" by joão victor ts RECAP: Hooshmand the Wise - 5/29 I See You - 6/5 I see You, and I hope you have a GOOD TIME.
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  10. thank you so much for help me. postscript: the games you guys make are great keep it up.
  11. Hi Arely! While online multiplayer should still work, unfortunately FurBottom's Features are no longer available on Xbox. You can learn more about that here:
  12. I have been trying to play bbt online but when I select my profile it says it can’t connect to Xbox live on this console , I could before but now it says this all the time
  13. This may be due to your internet connections, but feel free to submit a ticket to so our team can help you out!
  14. Hello! I have been playing this game for about two weeks now and I keep getting the black screen on Thieves Forest because there are too many screen changes. I have been trying to play multiplayer with my friends and brother but it is impossible for us to make it past those levels and we lose all progress. It has been multiple months since this game has been released and there is still no fix for this. I understand the team is small, but this is a glitch that makes it impossible to play the game and makes people want a refund. I love this game and I would love to play it without these glitches.
  15. Any updates yet? I still wanna play multiplayer with my friends since I bought this game and I’m unable.
  16. when I play in steam castle crashers the game jumps with many errors, such as for example my partner is on the map and I am on a level, or he gets the menu to go up levels and I am on a level and also that he grabs a pet that I have but I see that it has another, it is quite a problem to play, how can I fix it?
  17. I recently stumbled on a bug in Thieves Forest at the poop deer part.The thing is I usually go back to the previous spot (the spot where you have to climb up to the river) and when the Thieves run to me they: a) Cannot get down (They are just running in place) b) They get down to the corner and become unhittable (Also they keep running in place) I am not really sure if this is all because of Steam.
  18. They aren’t as hard anymore because I’ve beaten the game sooo many times, but when I first started, I’d probably say that the sand castle place was quite annoying, but on insane, either the first Furry two legged mom that poops children, or the industrial castle.
  19. This week's bunch of prisoner unlocks seem like they're ready to set out on an epic quest: The Wise, the Magical, and the... Lava. New Solo Playlist: "Happy Camp" by Stan_ RECAP: The Final Unicorn - 5/22 Lava Lamp - 5/22 Hooshmand the Wise - 5/29 What a lovely adventuring party. Too bad they're all prisoners forever!
  20. Unfortunately Furbottom's Features are no longer supported for the Xbox version of the game. You can read more about that here:
  21. Hello, is it possible to get them on Xbox one s, if not then can you return this opportunity.
  22. No need to apologise for any reply delay: I don't exactly check back here often The streaming version on Newgrounds is lossy. I don't suppose you have an original lossless version that could be made available? I'll be honest, if you had a lossless version (wav, FLAC etc.) on Bandcamp or somewhere, I'd happily buy it without hestitation.
  23. Hi everyone! I want to make a super cool Danganronpa 1 infographic and I need some data. Can you fill in this 5min survey? I will post the results/infographic later, along with who is everyone's favorite character ;) Thanksss
  24. Which one is more magical: The Final Unicorn, or a Lava Lamp? Don't worry, we're having trouble figuring it out too. New Arena Playlist: "ncr_soccerpack" by ncrecc RECAP: Manbirth - 5/15 Cecil (Cooking Cat) - 5/15 The Final Unicorn - 5/22 Lava Lamp - 5/22 PS - This wraps up our list of requested unlocks! We hope you finally landed the perfect prisoner you've been waiting for. ❤️
  25. Hey there! What platform are you playing on? You'll likely have to purchase the Golden Whale from the Insane store for 750 gold. For the bug with Hatty's sword, this may help you get your hands on it: If you continue to have issues, please reach out at!
  26. I just bought Hatty from the insane store when I came across a glitch where I never got the whale or the gem sword
  27. 1.Green Knight 2.Blacksmith 3.Bear 4.Red Knight
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