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  2. Keep it clean, jelly bean. We've got a new Arena feature for you coming in hot! New Arena Playlist: "TouchyBlocky" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: Steamroll Victim #2 - 7/26 Toothbrush - 8/2 Have a sparkling weekend!
  3. jebronlames2

    Lost save on Xbox One.

    I used to play Castle Crashers so much back in about 2013, but when I tried the backwards compatibility on Xbox One, everything I had before was gone, is there any way to fix this? (P.S: I no longer have an Xbox 360 and have been sticking with the first model of the Xbox one for a few years now.)
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  5. Is it just me, or is it getting a little bit steamy in here? No? Too soon?? Sorry. Well, here's a new co-op playlist for you anyway. New Co-op Playlist: "Satellite" by echoplex RECAP: Sausage - 7/19 Steamroll Victim #2 - 7/26 I'll just keep on rolling along then... Oh, shoot. SORRY.
  6. Hello, I have been waiting for BattleBlock Theater to be available on PS4, I have it on Xbox 360 and Steam, but I do not use my Xbox anymore, I really really really love the game and it's features and I would love to play it on my console, many friends want it too. :( Can we make Behemoth realize? :) Thanks.
  7. Computed K

    I regret modding...

    Sorry im late, but heres a solution. Highlight over the game in your games and apps menu. Press your hamburger button (the one with 3 lines) and go to downloads and saved content (i believe thats what its called). Then go to save data, and delete the one with your profile. WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTHING. CHARACTERS, LVLS, MONEY, ETC.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to play BattleBlock Theater, as I bought it on Steam recently. But it's crashing - it opens the window (invisible) then inmediately closes. I went to look what the issue was and found this: What can I do? I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64.
  9. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find the answer to this issue. Another user had the same issue (including LT not working) but there was no link to his answer. When I play Remastered I cannot get my magic to work for Red Knight. I’ve already learned a spell but my magic just doesn’t charge when I hold RT. Ive tried restarting the game, console and checking batteries. The controller is brand new so it should work fine. How do I fix this?
  10. I would make a barbecue joke with this week's Arena feature and unlocks, but that's just kind of messed up. New Solo Playlist: "SuperHiperMegaL" by Albertrivers RECAP: Behemoth Chicken - 7/12 Sausage - 7/19 Don't eat them, please.
  11. Alien Paladin

    Alien Hominid On Steam

    I Want Unlock Alien hominid On Pit people? Yes using AH Flash Game To Steam version of Pit People
  12. Please. I know out people was kinda a sequel but still please I really want BBT2 it will be amazing if it happens. I would love it. please, behemoth LISTEN!
  13. The title says it all. I'm planning on building a 4-player arcade cabinet like the one they built for PAX. Thing is, that the current game setup where players must join before starting the game session works fine for a game console in your living room, but for an arcade cab, it would be nice if players could join in or leave on the fly (an "insert coin" message would be even better! XD). Just throwing it out there, mayba a. Official DLC, or optional patch, or even a community-made patch would be welcome. Does anyone know if this is a thing that might happen? Or is it just wishful thinking?
  14. AlexDrinksWater


    Yes, in fact I am pretty sure everyone battleblock fan wants another one. Get Will Stamper and make another. His voice acting is amazing, mixed with the art style is humor battleblock is truly an amazing game and deserves another.
  15. I was playing Castle Crashers with my friends but I keep getting crashes. When I use the Steam file validation it just keep telling me 1 file failed to validate endlessly. Is there a way to fix this?
  16. FeagleSnorf

    Why not the troll?

    So I’ve been playing for a fairly long time and I’ve always wondered why isn’t the troll a character? I know their magic was just gonna be another nature one, but it would’ve been so cool to play as something out of the ordinary. I know they were intended to be a playable character (unlockable by beating the game as Conehead) so why did they never become one? We got the beekeeper who only shows up once in a group of two!?! But not the troll!? They show up more and are way more memorable than beekeeper. They even have their own boss! Not to mention he shows up twice. I get that they don’t have shields or a normal walk cycle but again, at some point they were gonna be a character. So why not? P.S. I’d even take it as a dlc. You’d probably make good money off of it too if it had unique magic.
  17. In case you haven't heard the news, the Steam Summer Sale is on right now! That means that for this week's Solo feature and unlock, the Behemoth Chicken is here to rep all of our games. New Solo Playlist: "Floor is Lava" by KLJF22 RECAP: Tiny Monkey - 7/5 Behemoth Chicken - 7/12 Enjoy your new animal-headed friends!
  18. When I was younger I modded my game using horizon and I regret I want to go back and do it again but the 3 deleted weapons mittens shurikens and axe are still there even though I reset the knight So if you can behemoth staff plase reset my stats and get rid of the weapon my Xbox username is stoicxed. (I think you need that.) If any of you know any other ways to get rid of them plase tell me.
  19. We have only licensed the music in Castle Crashers, so the original artists own all rights to their songs. If you want to use the music from the game in your own content, you'll have to contact the original artists for their permissions!
  20. TheGuyserBeam

    What Are The Best Characters To Play As?

    elemental combo locking: Icekimo/Blue Knight Juggling: Sarecan/Bear Crowd Clearing: Red Knight Boss Slaying: Fencer/Industrialist Damage over time: Green Knight (3 x the amount of damage fire does, nearly 35 damage a sec at full power+even more with elemental infusion and poison weapon) for new players: Necromancer(he as a different form of juggling, but is easier to master)
  21. For this week's Arena feature and unlock I won't waste time writing a caption because I think it really just speaks for itself: Tiny Monkey New Arena Playlist: "SquaredCircelFun" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: Wheels - 6/28 Tiny Monkey - 7/5 Tiny Monkey may have a small head, but he also has big dreams. Go. Live those dreams.
  22. The Wanderer


    Is it true when ccr came out they got a nerf? I heard that their saws now only hit 3 times instead of 4 for a total of 21 hits instead of 28. Can anybody confirm this? Also if their are other character tweaks please let me know. I like to know about this kind of stuff.
  23. The Wanderer


    Is it true that they got a nerf when ccr came out? I heard their saws now hit 3 times instead of 4 but can’t confirm it. Is this true?
  24. Before The [[CC|]] Released, All You Can Quarf With [[AH|]] Characters Named All you can Eat. But Lacked On [[BBT|]] And Pit People.
  25. seen that glitch before...
  26. This is false XD, if you think this isn't derfjerk you can even message me on xbox and I'd confirm, since softlander has lets say "passed" it is true we did sell cat heads but it we do not anymore
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