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  2. seen that glitch before...
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  4. This is false XD, if you think this isn't derfjerk you can even message me on xbox and I'd confirm, since softlander has lets say "passed" it is true we did sell cat heads but it we do not anymore
  5. It's going to be a wheely, wheely good weekend with the new Co-op feature and unlock, which will be available for the next 2 weeks! Co-op Playlist: "The Fortress" by by SyntaxX RECAP:Cecil (Cooking Cat) - 6/21Wheels - 6/28 Ride on my friends.
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  8. Feedback would be appreciated as always!
  9. You might also have luck finding some friends to play with on our Discord server:
  10. Roxanne

    Pit People achievement suggestions

    While it's unlikely we'll be adding any additional achievements to the game, you've got some awesome ideas here with some great names! I especially like "Astronomical" and "Deliciously."
  11. Added Horatio from Pit People!
  12. Link to review the drawing feedback would be nice.
  13. Thank you its my first shot at doing a fan art! I think it turned out pretty good. Might revisit the drawing as I get better.
  14. Cook up something good this weekend with this week's Arena feature and unlock! Playlist: "RIP Friendship" by Spaten Rundung RECAP: Jonny Four - 6/14 Cecil (Cooking Cat) - 6/21 We've been told it's the Cat's Meow!
  15. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Pit People achievement suggestions

    1. Pacifist Defeat the first bear star whitout killing anyone. 2. Master of the Pit Reach the first position on Pit. 3. Professional Student Complete 3 consecutive rounds whit 5 stars. 4. Bloody Kill a character whit full health in only one turn. 5. I love History Get all pieces from Admiral Sofia. 6. Stronger Get the Sofia's Musket. 7. Best army Complete any fight whitout let any of your characters die. 8. Chinese Bring Father Crickets to your team. 9. The Sun is Cold Catch The Sun Sword. 10. Astronomical Complete "the moon mission" using The Sun Sword. 11. Investigative Complete all Harry's missions. 12. For Spain Complete all General Custard's missions. 13. Historical Complete the first war bringing Sofia and using her musket. 14. Different Pits Complete all Captain Crysanthemum's missions. 15. Deliciously Complete all Scrumptious's missions. 16. Scientific Complete all Megabat's missions. 17. Fire preserver Complete all Fire Masters' missions. 18. Cow Chop (secret achievement) Catch Cow Chop to your team. 19. New Spain Explored all the map. 20. Solver Complete all bonus quests. 21. Blood Bath Catch a green hair troll. 22. Greek Bring Minotaur to your team. 23. Not variated Get a full team whit characters at the same variance, name, color and loots. 24. Isn't Mortal Kombat Do a Dudodzo Kill. 25. The Royal Recruitador Get 100% game completion.
  16. Heh, I'm a big fan of the chicken with the sword. Love it!
  17. Sorry drawing is here I also figured I would add Battle Block Theater
  18. Badmamajama


    I had this issue and I found a fix for it. Have you and your friends restart your game then go into single player with your characters. All of you do a few levels by yourselves then come back and it should be fixed. I don't know why it works, but it worked for me and my friend.
  19. Logos of the franchises are not drawn
  20. This Friday's unlock time has finally arrived! The solo playlist "Hellish Hazards" by SilentKnight96 is now up, and Jonny Four will be your new unlock. RECAP: I See You - 6/7 Jonny Four - 6/14 Five eyes and four Jonnys, what more could you ask for?
  21. PopnGames

    What Are The Best Characters To Play As?

    Orange Knight.
  22. In The early 2010s Held New IAAPA Expo Nicknamed The Behemoth Arcade Classics No, CCR Would be Released In June 2019 In Arcades No, Behemoth Bought A Early Acess Of Castle Crashers Remastered On Dave & Busters No, CCR Arcade Only Be Shown At Expos Of The Behemoth. Yes, CCR Would Be Released On Switch and PS4. At The New Mall Called PopPop Mixed Jam
  23. Happy Friday! Today's Arena Feature and unlock are up, and you'll want to take a LOOK at these. Playlist: "River Brawl" by Ten_Tacles RECAP: Hooshmand - 5/31 I See You - 6/7 SEE you soon! Sorry, EYE just can't help myself.
  24. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Pit People will have an Update 8?

    There's so much things to fix and add to the game. What you think about?
  25. Hey there, The co-op playlist "RunningMan coop" by razavimday is now up along with Hooshmand the Wise as the unlock! RECAP: Hooshmand - 5/31 Snail - 5/24 Have a good weekend!
  26. Hey all, me and some of the people over at the Castle Crashers wiki are pleased to announce we will be holding our very first large scale PVP Arena tournament. The tournament will take place June 29th, 3 PM EST, and registration is currently open now. For those of you who aren't interested in participating, the tournament will be live-streamed for your viewing pleasure! During the live-stream we will be running a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you're interested in watching, remember to follow the Castle Crashers Wiki on Twitch: Registration Forum:
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