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  2. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Pit People will have an Update 8?

    There's so much things to fix and add to the game. What you think about?
  3. Hey there, The co-op playlist "RunningMan coop" by razavimday is now up along with Hooshmand the Wise as the unlock! RECAP: Hooshmand - 5/31 Snail - 5/24 Have a good weekend!
  4. Hey all, me and some of the people over at the Castle Crashers wiki are pleased to announce we will be holding our very first large scale PVP Arena tournament. The tournament will take place June 29th, 3 PM EST, and registration is currently open now. For those of you who aren't interested in participating, the tournament will be live-streamed for your viewing pleasure! During the live-stream we will be running a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you're interested in watching, remember to follow the Castle Crashers Wiki on Twitch: Registration Forum:
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  6. Blue Knight For Dayz

    What Are The Best Characters To Play As?

    What about the Necromancer? Or are we not talking about DLC's too. I just like to use him. He's pretty powerful. And cult minion is too. But then again he's a DLC.
  7. Very well. You 're amazing. Great job it works !!!!!😆
  8. Hi, The arena playlist "Forest Arena" by Echoplex is now up along with Snail as the unlock! RECAP: Snail - 5/24 Meebs - 5/17 Have a good weekend!
  9. I really want the Alien Hominid plush so I can finish my Alien Hominid merchandise collection. If anyone has it and wants to sell it to me please let me know. I will not be paying if the plush is over 600$ or damaged
  10. Julienhabs98

    Who Wants To Do Insane Mode With Me[Xbox 360]

    Hi, if you still want somebody to play with on xbox, add: o R3D BuLL Xx
  11. I would honestly love to have new characters and maps or even just levels on castle crashers. Maybe even a harder difficulty for veteran players.
  12. Chris

    What if Hatty Hattington... was a Chao?

    He's too cute and I love him Great job!
  13. Calebhaygood

    Pit People Full Release Out Now!

  14. FlameyFlamey HD

    What if Hatty Hattington... was a Chao?

    So, I was bored one day, and was just playing a certain chao game... cough, cough, CHAORESORTISLAND, cough, cough. And I wondered: what if Hatty was a chao? Now, this thing exists! Oh. it sorta goes in like an emoji, huh? neat. Well, I'd love to hear your opinions!
  16. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Pit People [suggestion]: increase army size

    I agree about it. It would be really funny whit a lot of Rainbow Horses on your control. But whit a limit, like 12 fighters to Unfair Challenge on Insane only.
  17. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Too much reward money glitch

    When you get 85 golden, it's cause you got a item that you already have the max of it.
  18. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    My Master Tips & Strategies

    Bring a mascot whit a Rainbow Horse and he(r) have more chance to hit a enemy. I know, probably the rainbow horse is not gonna hit so much whit bad levels. But a mascot is a very good option to them.
  19. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Mine suggestions to Pit People next update:

    1. Leaderboards: How Pit People don't have Leaderboards? Do it on the final update! Please! 2. "Epic" heads to the rest of story characters: I really love the Admiral Sofia, but what you think from doing the rest of characters special heads? 3. More character slots to fighters on Solo Mode: Do it as a reward to player. Like: complete all the game; complete insane mode Unfair Challenge; etc... I recommend do it only for Arena Mode. 4. Add more chance to get special items when a player do a most hard challenge: For example: I did the Unfair Challenge on Insane whitout losing anyone, so I get most rare rewards. I got a hard character, so I get a new random item, etc... 5. Do a bigger reward to the 1º place on Arena.
  20. Hiya, The classic solo playlist "Forest of Trees" by Justnormal3 is now up along with Meebs as the unlock! But seriously, Meebs' eyes are super creepy, right? a lil? Dan? RECAP: Cat Control - 5/10 Meebs - 5/17 See you space prisoners...
  21. I was just thinking that if Castle Crashers is on every platform besides iOS, why not? I’m pretty sure the graphics would run fine cause they aren’t the best, and the controls would work perfectly. I know it isn’t as easy as upload to AppStore, you have to code it and make it compatible with phones, but if they do this, and charge 2 or 5 bucks, it would be the top game on the AppStore. If fortnite can do it, why can’t Castle Crashers?
  22. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Trouble finding players online ?

    Me. I agree, it's very hard.
  23. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    Gwenifer Blobbins, Exp Queen

    I already got 6 of her. It's very easy. Get all the enemies to cage (press X) to Nanny don't attack. Get a team whit 5 guys on 99 and 1 on a bad level. Get your best to hero and put a fast speed whit net. The rest you put webs and a big normal sword. The guy at bad level you gonna make sure that will kil a enemy on the next turn. Be careful to don't kill Digit or Kiss (pixie).
  24. Marjau, the Pro Pit People

    What I need to do to you give me the rest of Random Items?

    I'm MarjauOfficial, from Xbox One. I have all the items from the game, but I'm having problem to get the random items, especially on mushroom. Can you give me that items if I do or give something for you? What?
  25. Hey all, The classic arena playlist list "Variety Pack!" by westbrook is now up along with Cat Control as the unlock! RECAP: Little Feets - 5/3 Cat Control - 5/10 Bye bye.
  26. You're very welcome
  27. It is up and has successfully transferred! Whoot whoot! Thanks for letting me know, Lucia! U rock!
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