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    Calling for support from the community! Whoa! LEGO Cuusoo community member, Czar, has submitted a Castle Crashers LEGO set idea and it can be up for consideration at LEGO with enough votes to support the idea! Castle Crashers has gone off the screen and out of the consoles through the figurines and clothing designs that were created by The Behemoth, but for the first time we are seeing a fan-made project that could help the characters cross over to a different medium. Can’t you imagine all the knights in the Thieves' Forest running away on LEGO deers? Maybe they could even include poop stickers... (One can only hope) If you want LEGO to put out this Castle Crashers set, and hopefully more to follow, click the SUPPORT button to add your vote!
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    Not possible. ...Because MultiQuote-It Mitch is coming out next year. We're only showing our anticipation...
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    Wow.. You sure no what's going on behind the seans at the Behemoth. ???
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    i say they should just do a kickstarter... to see if its even worth bringing.... if they make it your choice of drm-free / steam.... like alot of games are doing im sure it would be a huge hit
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    .....If it doesn't even show up at comic con......i'm gonna cry. Or even worse, i'll eat so much that i would become gabe newell and say "after 3 years in development. It will be worth the weight"
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    Wow.. You sure no what's going on behind the seans at the Behemoth.