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    Just remember guys, this isn't something The Behemoth has to do at all. The tourney is 100% free, which means they're not getting paid a dime to execute it - and it takes quite a bit of time. Yeah, it's a shame that this happened, but it would have been a bigger shame not to have the tourney at all. *waiting anxiously for the PSN tourney*
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    Go ahead, I don't see why not. Knowledge is power. Then brace yourself for some power. okay, so let's see: Scarabix: It's me. Sometimes I post high, or drunk. I'm witty. I have the highest warning level of all members right now. Da Milk Man: He's a mod. He'll talk about guns all the time and he has a Half Life fetish. Zephyr: All around quality poster. He'll bash you if you like your own posts Fel: A very manly guy that doesn't hesitate to post cats as often as possible. I met him IRL. Sushigummy: Some murrican guy that really likes all things behemoth. Also a mod. Bloob: A guy that has very good musical tastes and prefers quality over quantity in terms of posts. Mechazeep: Ties first for biggest forum pothead. He's good at gifs Dexide: Probably the best moderator. Doesn't post nearly as often as the others. These are only the regulars, some of our good posters have stopped coming recently, like Tyndras or Chris. It's sad, but we'll see more people once Castle Crashers releases for steam. we'd make a great 80's hard rock revival supergroup or maybe bootleg korean justice league yeeeah
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    Welcome aboard Sharpy. Your hazing ritual will be having to read every single page of the Random Post Fourm. Or to be locked in a dark room with TheTPRI for 10 minutes. Your choice.
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    Everybody take a deep breath for a moment - we'll have this all sorted (or something like that) tomorrow. Everything will work out as fairly as possible. If you've earned a slot I shall do my best to make sure you get it Let's hold off on the screenshots until we hear the official message tomorrow. Sorry we haven't tackled it a little bit sooner but most of our resources are or were preoccupied with Gamescom, the upcoming PAX Prime, BattleBlock Theater and CC Steam. This is always such a crazy time of year! Why oh why did the leaderboards have to get close to 3 million right now? Gah! Sorry about all this.
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    Unfortunately, we do not have a record of your gamertag in the Top 100 of our Weekly Ranked Arena Matches. We would have loved to have you in our contest, but we can only proceed with the list that we had at 12PM PST on Friday. Hugs, The Behemoth EDIT: We're looking into things now. Will let you know as soon as we have an update! Sorry about that. We appreciate you letting us know and thank you for your patience. -The Behemoth Just got this. Phew! I hope I'm still in, cause that would just be ridiculous.
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    This happened to my school randomly one day last year. Apparently some troll on FaceBook took a bunch of photos of seniors from there, printed them out, ejaculated on them, and post the photos on FaceBook with an assumed name (which i cant remember). People were in a tizzy over that, but i personally found it downright hilarious. Apparently he had an Awesome Face pic as his facebook pic so it was pretty easy to tell what type of person he was (in my school, not many people knew about the Internet and its memes.) the backlash? EVERYONE IN MY SCHOOL GOT INTO MEMES. It was terrible to see my classmates on 9gag. Something i enjoyed became a fad in less than a week.
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    I'm not picking on you personally, chikkin, but as a programmer I can say it's pretty irritating when people ask programmers to "make it awesome" without giving much detail about what they mean That said, I agree that resolution changes, VSync, and text chat are a good start. There's also a LOT of other things I'd like to see, ranging in difficulty from "you've got to be joking" to "done in 2 minutes". Ideas: The "Necromancer's Challenge" aka "Survival Remix" mode currently under discussion in the main CC forum Level, weapon, and/or Animal Orb creator/editor Leveled weapons or animal orbs. For example, a level 1 Wooden Club would give less Strength than a maxed out (say, level 5) Wooden Club. But the level 5s would be much rarer. A higher level weapon would automatically replace a lower level one when you picked it up. Fixes to some of the dozens of minor bugs I've catalogued A 32nd character - lead vote-getters right now are Tom Fulp/Dan Paladin or Industrial Prince A 30th Animal Orb Extend the four Attributes out so you can put up to 30 in each, instead of 25. This would mean you wouldn't max out till level 98. Along with the above, add a sixth magic ability. This could be some sort of magical shield effect (i.e. you hold Magic and Shield at the same time--your magic is quickly and constantly drained but if you're hit during this time, the attacking character is hurt). This could allow for some defense against juggling Allow all characters to go to level 100 instead of 99, so that they get 1 more point to all attributes (which generally increase every 10th level) Eight player mode
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    Seeing as I feel like getting my hands dirty with some 3d modelling and texturing work, who agrees with me there should be some Castle Crasher's hats for purchasers (maybe like pre-orders or something?). I'm thinking of making it like a mask for all characters and maybe making some melee weapons based off the game as well. I will put them up on the Steam Workshop and link here within a few days if I finish them by then What do you people think?