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    We’ve been working on another update for Castle Crashers Steam Edition! Update 1.1 released in October and now it is time for 1.2. Booya! Each update goes through a meticulous process that requires every member of the Castle Crashers development team to give their input before the update is ready. Our team is working hard to optimize gameplay by addressing the various issues hindering optimal gameplay. We are researching solutions, updating menu and art design, programming all the changes into the game and, finally, testing it. When it is all done and final, we push a button somewhere up in the Internets and the update goes straight to your systems. Here’s what’s cram packed into Update 1.2: Resolved an issue that previously affected the game audio when the game is minimized to the task --- Prior to this update, minimization did not pause the game audio. We now support mouse buttons to behave like keyboard keys. The user can use them in the keyboard settings! Render optimization by redoing the letterbox rendering --- The letterbox now renders a different way which hopefully will cut down on the number of pixels we draw. New render option to turn letterbox on or off --- Now in the game settings menu a player can select whether to have letterbox or stretch to fit. New render option to toggle vsync --- Vsync off on slow computers will make it render faster (It really makes a difference). Fast computers should leave it on for smoother rendering. New render option to select texture quality --- The options are “High” or “Standard.” This will adjust the minimum texture size. The “Standard” setting will cause some textures to appear less sharp. Default value is set to “High”. Steam overlay MAC buttons are now clickable. --- We changed the way to do full screen that is more friendly with the Steam overlay. No games found message updated --- We added text to suggest creating a game if no online multiplayer games are found. There was some confusion by players why there were no online multiplayer matches available to join. However, we did not explain that there are no games to “join in progress.” So we added a few lines of text to help guide the player into creating a match of his or her own online. Gamepad analog stick and dpad will now allow the user to change their selection from All You Can Quaff (AYCQ) in the Online Multiplayer selection menu when they have selected AYCQ using mouseover. --- Prior to this update the gamepad analog stick lost functionality in Online Multiplayer menu selection. In the new update, we centered the window position when players change from fullscreen to windowed mode, so you should be able to move it anywhere on your screen. Previously, PC users may have noticed that changing from fullscreen to windowed mode on PC puts the window in the upper left of the screen, without a way to drag it back into frame. Users can now Alt-tab out of PC full screen online multiplayer games during the loading screens without it halting progression. Prior to the update this Alt-tab during the loading screens would halt the progression until that user went back to the game or until they were dropped. Lobbies are only listed once and duplicates should now be non-existent. --- Duplicate lobbies were listed in the past. If friends joined the same lobby then any other friend who searched for lobbies would get that lobby listed for every friend in the lobby. In window mode some resolutions had been skewing mousing coordinates on Windows machines. Some resolutions we set were overridden by the OS. Now everything is fixed! There’s a lot involved with the planning of these new changes as you can imagine. We have started looking into what we can improve in the game for Update 1.3, but it may take us a bit longer since those issues require much more research to find solutions and testing on various systems to emulate the different specs you may have versus your fellow Castle Crashers buddy’s system. Thanks again for your understanding and patience! In addition to our forums post here, we're also located on the official Steam forums here and there's also the Official Steam Group for Castle Crashers. If you have any questions about this or previous updates, please let us know.
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    Oh NOW it happens. Changing the topic to my ex-boyfriend discussion is just plain wrong. For thay I'm going to say what Milk Man said. YOU GUYS ARE HORRIBLE! You brought this upon yourself. All because I mentioned my ex-boyfriend's buttcrack? Sadly, pretty much so.
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    I'm highly interested in what the future of this thread holds.
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    Your boyfriend issues are super relevant to my thread. What color were his eyes? Green How many times did he stick it to the taco
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    Veteran's Day in the USA was originally known as Armistice Day. It was declared a few years after suggestion (1947 - 1954) to become Veteran's Day, honoring all American veterans who have fought in wars throughout the nation's history. I'm not much of a fan of the change, but I can see the sentiment. In comparison, we already Memorial Day, which honors those who have fallen in the line of duty. It just feels like it became a very self-centric holiday.
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    Behold, the product of staying up until 5 AM for two days, crying alone in my room and painting pretty things on cardboard: A divine costume fit for the gods themselves. This is my very photogenic cat Diablo. I should get double points for getting him to sit still with this on long enough to take a picture.