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    Get the hell out, I love Stunfisk. I'll have you know, he (mines was male) was in my main team. He might be completely useless, but he look's retarded, and that's one of the factors I have while picking my team.
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    I've got this one in the bag, baby!
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    Easy. I'm the best sheriff in town. You know it. Vote for Pedro! Zephyr! This is a tough one, but I'll find a way... My feminine side is already coming out... Watch out.
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    It looks like I had 1337 posts until now. They were good ones too. It felt like it was only a little over a year since I was at 0, and when I was wondering why tf my posts didn't work, until I found out they had to be approved. Yep, I was a noob 1337 posts ago, and I still am now. But it was nice to meet all of you, new and old. (By the way, I know I've been a bad boy with a filled up Warn Status bar and all... But someone has to live the Thug Life.)
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    Banned for not understanding what this war is really about and that the caterpillars are really the tyrants in this conflict I am creating a website for people like you to educate yourself on the subject
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    The blacksmith thats what i want! i cant wait for him! My eyes are burning from looking at the play station store all day hoping he appears
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    Wish i can have a release date or something about the blacksmith for Psn Soon
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    Yeah, Dan, what's up with that? Do you have some secret animosity towards PS3...? Does it stem from when you were a teenager and you owned a PS1, but you didn't have the money for Final Fantasy 7? So then you bought a computer and got it on there, and were so happy that you had it on there that you despised PlayStation systems from there on out? I knew it.
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    So Danp steam has the blacksmith So when is Psn getting the blacksmith! i want it badly