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    Thank you all! I don't post on here often, butit really does make me happy knowing people like my work. But new things!! http://twitter.com/Shurvey/status/332850213381345281/photo/1 - How many of you actually mean it....? I know my buddy has a hoot beating the crap out of me every time. http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/942324_10151381532281604_1423104879_n.jpg - And this is one reason I came up with the safe word.....I swear I said it over 50 times. http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/321496_10151374878566604_2033911931_n.jpg - Ask Blog...speaking of which, need more questions, lol...just ran out.
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    That film depressed me for like a whole day. Spoiler alert Yeah it had some questionable and depressing elements to it. It's also the Pixar movie that hits me the most though. So that's why it's my favorite.
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    Try playing Furbottom's... Mine appeared just from choosing it, no need to play at all.
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    I don't know why everyone's complaining about the title. Bunjie is my favorite developer. Way better than those Bungie guys.
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    I couldn't sleep last night because... unfortunate happenstances involving tea and a cold so I made another gif... I tried to sync it to the beat of Buckle Your Pants as much as possible. It's a little wonky.
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    http://imgur.com/a/riCU2#0 here it is
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    Again, don't know if this should be locked. I cant do anything anyways. Not to be whiny.
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    I saw "Now Its Time To Strike My Brothers!" and expected to see people attacking OP's male siblings, specifically in a comical fashion. Instead I saw OP requesting a protest against the divine Behemoth. Use a comma to next time, so I don't get my hopes up... Also no, don't do that. The Behemoth will do as it pleases, and it will do so at its own pace. In the end, everyone is happy.
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    It's a free PC download. It's officially Capcom too. http://www.capcom-unity.com/mega_man
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    English: We have a lot of Hatty avatars here. Yiddish: מיר האָבן אַ פּלאַץ פון האַטטי אַוואַטאַרס דאָ. English again: We have a lot of hottie avatars here.
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    What's your preferred genre? Hard Games? Buy Super Meat Boy Funny Games? Buy Blood Dragon Artsy Games? Buy Limbo Puzzling Games? Buy FEZ Musical Games? Buy Rock Band: Blitz Or alternatively, you can get a bunch of games with: Sonic The Fighters (400msp) Uno (400msp) Walking Dead ep1 (free) Walkind Dead ep2 (400msp) Walking Dead ep3 (400msp) Walking Dead ep4 (400msp)
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    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Poker Night At The Inventory 2 Rock Band: Blitz Alien Hominid HD Castle Crashers Minecraft Sonic Adventure 2 The Walking Dead ep1-5 Sonic The Fighters Plants v Zombies A Kingdom For Keflings Luxor 2 Uno Pac-man C.E. Alan Wake's American Nightmare Scott Pilgrim v The World FEZ Peggle Sonic 4 Episode 1 (not 2, it kinda sucks) Comic Jumper Feeding Frenzy Raskulls Super Meat Boy ilomilo Mega Man 10 & LIMBO That's all I can think of really EDIT:I hate Splosion' Man, you shouldn't get it, and if you HAVE to, get it in the TP Bundle, so you get Comic Jumper with it.
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    YOU ARE ALL WRONG IT IS IN THE TIME OF "who cares" AND ALL THREE GAMES ARE IN THE SAME YEARS! Castle crasher happened just 1 week before the crash and AH no one knows....
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    We all wanna be a mod. But why is everybody talking about new mods and whatnot? Because he brought it up, and I replied and since I clearly have a cult following there was an uproar with them wanting to become mods. Hey since when was I part of a cult. I asked in a polite fashion. You know besides the club incident.
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    Whoa, why do I not recall posting this...? go home Goldenghost your drunk
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    lol glass is half empty eh? You did just read that we're fixing it, right?
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    Wow...that made me really happy. Thank you! And I most defnately will! ---------- http://shurvey.tumblr.com/image/48921458773 - But because I like doing cute things a lot of the time...meow see. Meow. http://shurvey.tumblr.com/image/48958293483 - To prevent a double post...
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    Thank you! I was actually thinking the same thing....and he did, lol. I added him on Facebook awhile back, so he unfortunately has to be spammed by my randomness...art included. BTW, I love your sprites! They gave me a huge smile, heheheheh. ---------- I lost my stylus....sad face, so not much to add since it was all put on hold...but I have meaningless artwork I drew with my fingers. Should have a new stylus tomorrow. http://shurvey.tumblr.com/image/48765488939 http://shurvey.tumblr.com/image/48765999378 http://shurvey.tumblr.com/image/48841743095
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    The chicken was our 'thank you' note for early supporters after waiting a long 4.5 years. It was available for roughly 16 days or so. The other thank you notes in the game right now would be the Castle Crasher and the Alien Hominid for previously supporting us or making the decision to support us today, tomorrow, or any time in the future. Or of course anyone playing that week in Furbottom's, keeping the quickmatch fresh. There is always the scenario of yourself having a prisoner a chicken headed owner has, who did not receive the one you have, and you trade each other for the desired prisoner. There's also the scenario of someone who played the first day or so yet hasn't played that much - and you want to give him 100 gems for the chicken. He accepts since he'd rather unlock a bunch of stuff than hold onto the chicken. If that scenario does or does not happen, you'll have 319 prisoners if you've shown up for all the Features. Since you can only be one prisoner at a time, I'd argue that's a lot of excess choice. This is more akin to something like a shift-code for Borderlands 2 since it costs you nothing and only requires some timing - aside from our timing lasting 400 hours instead of their 1-2 hours. There are temporary time-locked prisoners going on right now and there will be more shortly, so I'd say if you're directly interested in those things you should play soon. It's an incentive to act earlier rather than later, although if you choose to lament over however many prisoners you missed over time instead it won't be an incentive at all and I have no argument. I viewed this as our chance to give people free content over time and keep players interested and coming back (to retain the playerbase as much as possible) while giving players who make good playlists exposure all for $0.00. This is a big reason why I personally made this decision. If it is free it's something anyone who is playing can achieve without reaching into their wallet. I'm a player who tries to get everything unlocked ASAP and I have done that, so even for myself I have a reason to keep coming back after I've unlocked 'everything'. Really, though, those prisoners aren't the heart of the game. They are an accessory to all of the other content that should last you a very long time
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    Hmm? We already have Cat Guards! They've only been on sale at the shows so far.
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    A shame they became interested in only money these last few years...
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    banned for laughing out loud.
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    my gamertag is my name! here is some history, though, as i get asked about this sometimes. i got the last name of Paladin because i am italian and my full last name was at one time "Paladini". when my family moved to america there was a great deal of oppression towards italians due to world war II. in the 1940s over 600,000 italian immigrants were forced to register as "enemies of america", detained, relocated, stripped of their property or placed under curfew. some were locked in internment camps. a few of those italians were the Paladinis! as a way of avoiding the obvious sounding italian name my family felt it was best to drop the last letter of our name so they could lead more normal lives and find jobs to avoid any other problems. a very popular TV show "Paladin" came out in 1957 and i would imagine that made life a little easier for some of us. you can hear the actors singing it in the movie 'stand by me' while they are walking along the train tracks. also, we can destroy skeletons with beams of light.