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    im currently re working how the shop works sorry about this
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    willing to trade chicken and winston for rose and toast post your gamertag please
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    First rule: don't talk about Fight Club.Second rule: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. Third rule: if someone says "stop" , goes limp, tap out the fight is over. Fourth rule: only two guys in a fight Fifth rule: one fight at a time. Sixth rule: no shirts, no shoes. Seventh rule: fights will go on as long as they have to. Eighth rule: if this is your first night at Fight Club, you HAVE to fight.
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    So, you did every furbottoms feature with multiple accounts once?
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    I don't get this thread. This place is a ghost town. Post a few times in threads that people read and then all 6 active members will know who you are.
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    Likes do not equal popularity. They're there for you to know people like your opinion and whatnot. Being known is. The more you get friendly, post more on different forums, make friends, etc, then maybe you'll get popular, but even I don't give a flying sword if I am known or not because I am here to have fun with the guys here.
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    Apparently I'm the most mega popular dude ever to exist here, so just act like me: Be a total jerk towards noobs, make funny jokes, and well, I actually have no freaking clue how I'm considered even remotely popular around here But I still think it's cute that people think I am popular, when people like Scaler have more posts, and have been active member a whole lot longer than I have. Oh, by the way, don't be jerks towards noobs, that was a joke. You don't want to be me. Unless you do. In which case, I am flattered. But it's still not cool. On another note, I will say that I think it's a bit more difficult to "become popular" now that BBT was released. You have to realize that us "popular" members were here the whole time. We were an active community before BBT was out, so we found things to chat about besides Castle Crashers and BBT. Thus, we became more close. Now that BBT is out, more and more members flock here by the day, and it's hard to stand out in that group of people. I personally think that any member that was active here before BBT holds at least a LITTLE resentment towards the members who joined just because of BBT, which contributes to them not being popular. I don't know, I guess that's just my view on it.
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    You get the gold trophy for beating insane. A silver trophy for beating normal. And every other week on friday you can beat furbottom's features solo or coop for a secret head. And you get the CC head from having an achievement from Castle Crashers and so on. And technically the square head is Hatty without a hat and tears.
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    ~We interrupt you regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement!~ BKAWESOMESS GO AWAY! (YOU'RE DEAD!)
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    For your friend, the colored blocks that have a 1 on them on the last page of the block menu are for arena. You can switch it to 2 by pressing left or right on the right stick. Unless it's a challenge level, then use the same gate start from gem levels. You can only set the time for challenge or gem levels; all other modes have a set time of 2 minutes.
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    We release a new prisoner every two weeks with the Furbottom's Features and occasionally we have special prisoners for a special event or holiday or for the heck of it.
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    Now that i think about it, once Behemoth brings this game to the PC, this star head thing is going to be just as bad as TF2's hats...
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    Please... PLEASE try to correct your spelling and how you punctuate your phrases. Also, why do you change lines every phrase or so?
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    Deader than dead. And I'll be this way for a good few months or so sadly...duty calls, so gotta go travel the world! I can blame commissions for stealing my last two weeks, but hopefully when we leave I'll keep getting hit by random spurts of inspiration here and there...seems to be working fine right now. Just wanting to explain my absence for all that follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. But not Deviantart....that's no fun. ---------- http://twitter.com/Shurvey/status/337933933226389505/photo/1 - Making fun of all those pictures I see littering Facebook....sketchy, but I'll make a really pretty picture later....just anted to drop something before I'm gone for good.
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    I can relate, Im in Houston and I've always wanted to go see Rooster Teeth for my birthday. I've went to San Antonio once.
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    Usually, Nearest Player where the hat spawns, Usually gets it. Then everybody tries to kill you while that player runs away ASAP as soon as PYURRRM, like a bullet. MEGA SUPERY FAST!
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    Banned because I was in shelter, duh. And the other guy is banned for not giving me any tacos.
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    "I was going to say 'James Is A yemnsubatjavizermatjub jeeb brah mooop deb wappp'"
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    This wouldn't be a box-art thread without this beauty
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    In this theater, hats just seem to make people go crazy
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    Hmm? We already have Cat Guards! They've only been on sale at the shows so far.