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    Happy Labor Day to all you American people out there.
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    You know I expected to miss more from being away for so many days. You've disappointed me.
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    I'm Sorry kind sir but it appears that i have won....skitter off to your hole now, and have a nice day.....tata....what are you still doing here? No matter, i will just watch you....Uncomfortable? Sorry but i need it to stare deep into your soul....i won again......now your making me uncomfortable.........tata
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    Be modest too, DYP is so good at being modest. I'm not being modest, I'm quite seriously curious how I'm considered popular around here. There are people way more cool than I am on these forums. Well, not as many anymore, but there's still a couple. Like Bloob. I think Bloob is totally awesome and is way cooler than I am, and yet, I'm considered more popular than him? How is that even a thing? It's kind of the same thing as when I won the "Mod of the Year" award, even though Sushi is a way better Mod than I am. Am I just charismatic and I'm completely oblivious to it, or what? Because I really have no clue. You're a mod and Sushi only comes down from the heavens to post one day a year.
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    Lately i've been stealing a bunch of hats, and getting hundreds of gems lol, and when someone proves to be a challenge when he want's the hat, i simply throw it in the water, usually im on a mic, so i usually tend to hear the person raging like he just accidently deleted his profile
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    Stop liking everything that I like, it's upsetting me. In a good way. But it's such a good game!