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    Welcome all may know me from my other topic that was rather topic that was rather popular in which i gave out free star heads to those collectors out there, with over 3000 views and many many requests i decided to make a lil site to make my life easier. its still a work in progress so things are a lil rough around the edges.. For large images just click on the screenshots these are still a work in progress as you can see the request box says feedback at this moment in time as well as a lot of test and random pages working on the content as we speak, so please leave suggestions below as well as features you would like. the site will be release on friday this week so stay tuned
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    Oh god. That sounds so wrong.
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    Pretty much this last week as a lot of people were getting missed at least this way I can keep track of gamer tags as well as change the status of completed request so I know who I have and haven't done, I'm also looking to add a local clock for my current time so if I post a time I'm on you can work out when that will be as we'll as something to show when I'm online on Xbox I meant all content will be ready by fridayWhen can we order? You should be able start requesting hopefully tomorrow night ---------- Is there any content you guys would like me to do on the site
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    I really don't understand what you mean by this. Every character (besides the odd one like Rob) has abilites which show's what the character can do in the respective games. There taunts add another layer of depth. Brawl did everything Melee did character wise, maybe even more with its story mode.
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    TL;DR: Too Long Didn't Read I mean, if it 's an online tournament then it's fair game, but that doesn't make as much sense as a tourney-tournament. NOT TOO MENTION, that isn't all too different than a ranking-based head... so it still just doesn't seem that likely. But the main point being, it just wouldn't be fair. All the people who have stuck with it to get all the prisoners would be left with a gaping empty hole in their hearts and star heads collection. Which, if you ask me, is cheating the players.
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    Imagine that frog weapon as a head With it's mouth open and the bomb about to explode.
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    Everyone who didn't list me made a powerful enemy with a broken heart.
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    Winston is a French Bulldog actually. We sometimes fold his ears down to transform him into a Pug, but he doesn't like that.