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    Look at what me and a couple random people did. Just look at it....
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    I always pronounce each letter, like 'ArrDubble-ueBeeWhy' Because there's one too many 'u's to just call it 'Ruby' I could just
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    Me and memor will give it a try GT:lIl Clyve lIl
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    My favourite playlist out of all the ones I have ever played in bbt.
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    I have to say, you guys are much better together than you are individually.
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    Well I guess your right. I apoligize.
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    I looked at it and thought that it was an unreleased star head, that must've taken a while to prep.
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    Yugo, if you had made it and I hadn't, there would be banhammers all over the place up in here.
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    Wow at first I actually thought this was about rock polishing. I feel very stupid.
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    hey can i join im really good at challenge and soul snatcher