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    I like how my votes don't even count anymore.
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    I'm gonna leave for a few months and act like I got too busy for you guys. Well then... cya.
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    If I could meet or even talk to JonTron, my life would be complete.
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    HA I TOLD YOU GOLDEN GHOST XD I WAS RIGHT YAAAAAAAAAAAAA wat i was wrong how is this possibru?!?!?!11/!?/!!
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    Who are you trying to fool, Dan?! He did not do it it was someone else hes not foolin anyone Look at your avatar. Now look at this thread. Do you get it now? Alright... i just like troll faces... ill change it if u REALLY want me to.... What zephyr is trying to get you to see, was that the purpose of the thread became trolling gullible members. Your avatar is a troll-face hence the "look at your avatar thing", get it now? It was never about changing your avatar.
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Day 48~ They haven't realised I'm not one of them yet. Think I saw turkey today, could be wrong, everyone's starting to look the same to me. There was a news drop today, supposedly it was dropped by an independent source. They call him the snuggle bubbler. Many people rushed in, it was chaos, I used my resources on the battlepedia to maintain cover then danp stepped in and ended it all. I spotted some raw cats, but by the time I arrived all the food was gone. Starting to get hungry, must not resort to cannibalism. Main priority is still to blend in, don't know how long I can last though. Days are starting to become longer and people are acting weird. As long as they don't start to fight I won't have to step in yet. I don't think I have enough resources to sort out this mess though. Talked to megan about it recently, I should have gotten some news about it today however haven't gotten anything yet. Will attempt to contact her tomorrow. This is madness, koen out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    This hacker is scary... Mommy I'm scared. :'(
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    All I want to do is pay some gems for triangle heads, and everyone is like, "GIMME WINSTON OR I LEAVE." Anyone else fed up?
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    Gametarg: mukogin Name of list: Troll Legacy ON Description: I work about this list for 3 months, it was very very hard and i must be change 2 or 3 points but the difficult is yet difficult there are 2 or 3 leves very hard, but not impossible . And I love when the other people fall in rage haha ...The secret are in the level: Slow Man... and it is unusual Secret ...Bis are very "special" I think that this list is very good, but i wanna read what you think... Edit: the list is online,mukogin Troll Legacy ON
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    How would he be a clone if Knuckles, if Knuckles is not even in the game? He is when she plays it in her dreams.
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    You get an A++ because you get +2 gems for getting it.
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    How would he be a clone if Knuckles, if Knuckles is not even in the game?
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    I could get one of those online for 20 "Sparkly" gems. These forums are like NYC pricewise. Everything is double it would be anywhere else.
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    Would you like me to get an extra for you? I already beat the playlist 2 times(A++ on insane and normal). But I will be taking a week long vacation and returning next saturday. I would marry you. I can also give you Jams but it doesn't seem like you need any. My GT : Spyer2k I'll try to get on soon as I can if you do decide to give me one. I will get them for you. But what time will you be back? EDIT: Have* I will also send you a friend request now so I can easily invite you. EDIT 2: I sent the request but it said you were on 15 minutes ago... I was on their site. Ah What time are you getting back? I have Xbox Live, but cannot get on. The Xbox360 Slim will not connect to live. :/ Ok, right now I am currently on vacation. I will message you when I get back. Alright, that's fine. Nrm, I finally got online. Got the heads. Thanks for holding the head for me though if I didn't get online!
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    I honestly thought that his over reactions were a little funny, and anyways it was just a kid doing what he enjoyed. Haters or not, he should have been allowed to do what he enjoys. I don't know how you got enjoyment out of watching a prepubescent boy scream about games and say frickin every other word. Hence why I avoided his videos. Yeah, it's mean that people were making videos mocking him enough that he can't make videos anymore, but he kind of brought it upon himself. I guess the main reason I disliked him is he was more popular than I am. All he did was scream about how good Sonic is and scream about how bad other games are, and managed to get over four-thousand subs. Meanwhile, I actually put effort into doing my videos and spend time making them look and sound nice, but I get almost nothing in return. But that's how the internet works, I suppose. We had one thing in common, and that's making videos because we enjoy doing so. At least, I think that's why he made them.
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    Just read this on IGN. I just realized, taking away all of the DRM, there's really no difference between Xbox One and 360. At least we still have the all-important IMPULSE TRIGGERS! It's ok, we'll have 1.1x better graphics. NEXT GEN BEST HAAAAAAAAAA Graphics aren't everything. PC master race btw.
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    Really, I don't blame them, if they didn't force it as a pack-in no one would make good games for it except for Harmonix, just like the first Kinect, and while Harmonix is one of my favorite developers, I'm not sure I'd risk buying that separately again just for their games. So really this is smart, it gives developers reason to make Kinect games because the Kinect install base is the same amount as the Xbox One install base. If it wasn't being forced as a pack-in, I doubt we'd be getting Crimson Dragon or D4, which if you didn't know are both One exclusive Kinect games (though I'm pretty sure D4 can be played entirely with a controller).
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    Its just an update video, but it still made me laugh
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    See told all of you I saw the non photo shoped vershoun on google most of you guys got played like a fiddle. Looks like im right and dan sead its photo shoped two. EDIT: Also, *shopped, *version, *Google, *I'm, *Dan, *said, *shopped and *too. Know that I have proff that you lied why did you try and blame a nother form member thats just low just to try to make people beleve your bull shark lie. And you tryed to make me look bad by saying I upset you when I called you out. on lying WWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! Thats just mean. Looks like you finaly lost your swag. Pocket and I are actually super tight, we run a YouTube channel together and are friends outside of the forums, and I don't think I was trying to make anyone else but myself look bad with that excessive use of smilies and punctuation marks. Oh yeah, and also
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    I should point out that the person who made this post hasn't been on for 2 months.
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    Well my brother will be pleased, that must be around £60-£100 off the original price then, correct? Well, no. Although it is no longer required, every One still comes bundled with a Kinect 2.0
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    And you say others need to "get out more"... I also want to point out that you yourself fell for this, so if I'm not clever than I have no idea what you are P.S. I actually do think I'm very clever Snuggs please, you're not half as clever as you think you are. Obviously that's still 4 times smarter than your average forum member but still.
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    All I can see is kids spamming his "I'm gonna wreck it!" taunt.
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    Alright... i just like troll faces... ill change it if u REALLY want me to....
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    Who are you trying to fool, Dan?! He did not do it it was someone else hes not foolin anyone Look at your avatar. Now look at this thread. Do you get it now?
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    yeah. he is right........ that even alianhomeaid456 said, yet still there is this kinda hack out there it seems Although there probably are hackers out there, danp is entirely correct and this image and all other stories/articles written or linked to in this thread were fabrications. Do not worry, snuggle bubbler is not a hacker, the 5th player glitch is not at all as how it was described in the battlepedia article and no game files were manipulated during any of this. The original post was meant as satire and your reactions were very amusing.
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    Trade completed, Soulsbear has won 2100 gems and 2 star heads including: Lava lamp and Gerald
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Day 2~ Things aren't going too well. My last bits of raw cat have been eaten already, as I've decided against not eating them. There's something that really bothers me about this place. A lot of grammatically correct members are there, yet they choose to not come out. The outside world would greatly benefit from their joining. All that aside, my sanity meter is greatly dwindling. Many of the fellows in there are very, uh... short fused, if you will. There's also some discussion going on about "star heads" or something. I also spotted Koen a few times in there. It's almost as if he's trying to blend in with the rest of them. Anyway, I've decided I'm going to make my first post. I'll have to take some time to think about what to post, so I'll do it tomorrow. Wish me luck. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Lol you guys should stop saying what you see, they're obviously true. You're just spoiling it for people on the forums just use a spoiler tag please.
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    He will live forever in our hearts.
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    The doughnut head and chicken head aren't as cool as Winston.
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    Seriously guys? You're complaining about Winston? No one reacted like this with the Doughnut or Chicken head, jebus.
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    Wow you're really really transparent, like so transparent there's not even any point in trying. Instead try something more like this: A message to the wonderful staff of the Behemoth forum, On August 26th it will be National Dog day. In the past, your team has released special heads to coincide with special days, such as holidays and events similar to National Dog day. I understand that you have a planned schedule of when heads are released; however, I hope that it is possible to fit National Dog day into that schedule. Releasing a dog themed head, such as Winston, would be a wonderful way for your team to celebrate this day with all of your dog loving fans. I hope that you will consider this day. Sincerely, A fan of Battle Block Theater
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    The Pencil-Tip Prisoner and the SodaCup Prisoner
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    that's pretty awesome, this is one of the reasons i really get excited about releasing a game. you never know what people will come up with!
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    I always host when I play online or arena and I let everyone know that I'm not interested in trading. I also never go inside the trading post under no circumstances. I also give out a warning when I start an arena match. We go and play the arena game and not run into the gift shop. My interest don't lie within the gift shop. So I tell everyone if you're looking to trade find another game or start you're own lobby. If they decide to keep going inside the gift shop I shut down the match by leaving and start up a new one and if I see them join the lobby I kick them. No one in the entire world will know that you have the Winston head or any special head for that matter unless you're using that head or go inside the trading post. If you don't enter the trading post there's no way for them to ever find out what you have or don't have. Problem solved.