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    thanks for that but I dont think that he reported it and sadly, it did not get featured but another 5 minute walk in the park playlist did so nobody has to worry about their skill level to get heads, they practically give them away (which in my opinion is too easy and I think that the harder playlists should get featured so people have to work for them... they are star heads) Awesome we are in agreement. Hard levels + star head reward = Earned it, wear it proud. Also I should have made it more clear but I meant it was wrong someone reported it. Thats all!! :]
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    This is the adventure side of the arena solo challenge levels that i made that were released a week ago. Yes, these levels are named for the men and women who helped me by playtesting the levels. This playlist has more and hidden strawberries, pie, and a secret level. Play these if you don't want the hassle of a time limit but you want to test your ninja skills. Once you master the levels you can try the challenge levels to see if you can get a top time! Thanks to all who helped and please leave any reviews you want. Tell me if you hated the levels because they were too hard because the seasoned player might take that as inspiration!
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    Everyone gather around. I am Swagmaster YOLO (name change pending), and I am here to tell you how swaggy you are. I have maximum swaq, swaqq and james, so I have authority over all. Post here with your opinions on the force of humanity known as swag, and I will read your swags and yolos and inform you how to further craft your swag into a yolo. It's really a good life skill to have, so I'd be more than happy to teach you my ways
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    What is wrong with the rating system its not showing plays nor ratings?
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    At least it is hot. Its wet and miserable over here in Britain...well that's British weather I guess and here I am, covered and snuggled up with blankets in the cold Netherlands.
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    At least it is hot. Its wet and miserable over here in Britain...well that's British weather I guess
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    If I get what you're saying. Then you're asking if the first chapters of the new volume have been released, yes? Well, usually manga chapters are 18-22 pages. You get a new chapter each week. A volume consists of multiple chapters, usually 5-10 chapters per volume book. If you have only read the volumes for Black lagoon, then you have read chapters 0 through 76. The latest chapter is chapter 84. So yes, there are 8 chapters you haven't read yet. Oh and these chapters are available on the internet to read. There are a lot of scanlation (scan, cleanup, translator, editor) crews who get the japanese chapters in stores and then scanlate them into various languages. So in conclusion, yes it's common for manga, yes they're available and yes volumes are created as collections of chapters.
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    Damnit, you're so, ARRRRG, this is getting out of hand. I don't think clones are supposed to find out they're clones.
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    Here's a suggestion. Add invincibility on respawn. See how highly people think of themselves when they can't spawn trap you like in other games. I'm serious about that. I'm tired of the spawn killing. Add a 2 second invincibility (that includes being invulnerable to force balls, fans, and vaccums) to the game.
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    Super Mario Sunshine and Paper Mario: TTYD have to be my favorites. Super Mario 64 was pretty good, too.
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    A little bit late to the game here, but I have a few things I'd like to clarify. Considering that Bluelimiter created the thread, he has every right to request that it's locked, and we will lock threads if the OP requests it. Since you are not a Mod, please refrain from acting as a representative of one. Hey Bluelimiter, if you would like to request a lock for any particular thread, you may find it more beneficial to report the thread rather than just posting on it. There is no guarantee that we will see your request unless you make a report. I'm glad you've decided to stay on the forums, but you shouldn't expect other users to beg you to stay if you threaten to leave. Even if you intend to garner support from friends, none of the forum's users (including EvilHat) have any sort of obligation to treat you as a victim. You, on the other hand, have an obligation as a user to refrain from name-calling. Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm always sad to see anybody deciding to leave the forums, and it's always nice to see users looking out for each other. You should just be aware that this won't always be the case. Locking by request.
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    Woah woah woah, It's called Street Fighter X Tekken. The reason I care is because Tekken X Street Fighter is actually a completely different game that is still in development by Namco Bandai, who happen to also be helping on Smash Bros. U. But yeah, I predict either Mewtwo X or Y being a new Smash character, I personally like Y better but since X is more of a fighter then I'd be surprised if that isn't in the game in some way.
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    *Cough* *Cough* This topic is 2 months out of date and dude get over it stop picking on Alianhomeaid456.
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    Please don't take this seriously lol >.<
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    I have so much swag, one time I goes into school feelin' extra swaggy and I sit down in math class and I'm like "yo teach I got this" and I stand up and taught the class the lesson, but then teach decides to be a f*gg*t and tried to make me sit down like "garnet that's not right" and I'm like "f**k you teach where's your degree from university of GAY?" and I could tell the whole class wants to laugh but was just too intimidated by my swag to do so and then teach grabs me by my arm and I'm like "hey don't pillage me f*g" and he pulled me out of class so I scream "pillage" louder because that's breaking the third amendment and I have rights so then he take me to the principals office and I'm like "this stupid teacher can't handle my swag he's sh*t" and principal has tons of swag, I know he understands, but then suddenly he says "garnet please settle down" and I says "no principal I'm being bullied please man" and teacher decided to be a pussy and tell him everything so then teacher asks me to tell him the truth and I'm like "truth is teach is swagless motherf**ker I should be teaching math because he's making it so people can't yolo" and principal suspends me but then as I'm walking out I shout out "YOLO, F**KERS" and regain all my swag but then principal runs out and tried to chase me but I yell "pillage" again and he backs off. Stupid pussy principal, lost all his swag that day.
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    This beauty right here. And while we're at it.
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    The Villager has a moveset that kind of replicates his... so I doubt G&W is coming back. Although, I guess I'm being kind of cynical. G&W better be back or the game's getting a "0/10 would not buy except that I'm totally gonna buy it anyways" I was hoping for a new character this month, but whatever, at least we're getting the obvious people out of the way. Out of Ness and Lucas though, I'd rather have Ness. Mewtwo's new forme is gonna be announced as a playable character next month, calling it now.
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    Here's a remedy: Go to the doctor rather than asking a bunch of people on a video game forum. I don't know about anyone else, but I sure as heck don't want to talk about pink eye here...
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    Who would of thought the taco bell dog would be so famous...