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    Possibly I just need to get hooshmand and a reopening might be on the table
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    I believe you need at least 3 approved posts before you can make threads in certain forums.
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    I've gone back to Attack on Titan now and am enjoying it a lot more now. Does it match up to the massive hype? So far, no. Not to me, anyway. I do enjoy it, though, and plan to finish it now.
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    I don't see a need for an extension to the star head list. I love seeing new heads released but i'll always use AH, Bomb, Hooshmand, and Chicken. I have connections and stories with them, and that makes them more valuable than a brand new head.
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    I host to get the Hostpro connection that allows me to do stuff like push people I just punched or hit grenades back.
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    People you're forgetting the 15 character limit. Moist Pear Igloo Broadway Who What Funk Rigamarole The Stylings Of Gabe The Fat Lion Maine Minister FTW Bear With Me Q U R X Billy Erds Waft Dat Snack Forever Tulips Wheast Feels Pweep Sorry Ingraved Olive Kraft Dinner Disturb Beats ABCDLMNOQWXYNZ Nanaco Narkface Welp Time To 8V Conduct Forlorn Ants Heavy ow Weeendiiigooos BigAmerikanTTS
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    I think they talking about racist, violent or religious terms, etc... that you can't use in your levels titles. The Behemoth is legally obligated to remove reported playlists that infringe on the licenses of other companies, or that include inappropriate content. Some examples of this are: - Level or playlist names that are direct copies of existing games, movies, books, etc. - Level content that directly copies existing games, movies, books, etc. - Swears (!!) - Naughty level content that shan't be mentioned here -- YOU know what I mean So please use caution when creating levels -- it makes us very sad to remove playlists that you've clearly worked so hard on, and it's safer to use parody than a direct copy of something else. Thank you for your understanding! ** Please note: The Behemoth reserves the right to remove any user-created content at any time, for any reason. **