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    For 'Rare' heads, make a sort of contest thing like a random drawing of a name so the heads aren't pointless. So like 1 out of every 3 people who entered the 'contest' for the head will get it. Contest Rules: Each person can only enter a contest 3 times per rare head. And each contest will be out of 3 people. Bribes and favoritism are forbidden. I, personally would prefer if you didn't hand out heads that are still obtainable, if they don't get it from the feature, they're just not trying and don't even care. Just a suggestion to keep the rare heads somewhat rare. If you dislike this, don't use it, just my suggestion so the people who got a legit head (Like most people on here) don't get pissed. Rare heads would be: Hooshmand The Wise Cat Control Toast Behemoth Chicken Rose Lava Lamp Thanks, Memor, & Derekis. (I didn't know furrbottom was re-released...)
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    My childhood died a little from this. What do you mean it died a little? My childhood squeals with delight whenever Nintendo does something fun like this.
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    It was great watching and being in a party with 8bitten and ps3guyguy listening to them scream and laugh and have a good time. Hope I can play in the next livestream, it really brightens up the day. btw, congrats on 8bitten and ps3guyguy, i heard that they got a score of *390*.....169? pshh what kind of math were you guys doing?
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    Sorry ;u; I was trying to reply to everyone *headdesks* But I learn new things every day! Thank you for letting me for future reference! And if you do want to talk about stuff, and I'm not online, just leave me a message and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible :3
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    *hugs* I hope everything is going well for you Dropped Your Pocket. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here. uwu
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    This is slightly old, but oh my god I love Nintendo's YouTube channel
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    Good job, Microsoft. Your new and improved (and required) Kinect doesn't even work half the time.
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    That was super fun!! Thanks for an awesome time, and letting me play Battleblock Theater with all of you! *hugs and flies into the sun*
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    I as well enjoyed playing very much! Can't wait for the next Livestream!
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    Thanks for the fun behemoth pals, I had a blast roasting your feathered rears!
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    btw,look at a star head guide,becuase toast is 9/10,and lava lamp 8/10,im so sick of this crap,THE ANIMATION IS COOL,IT DOESN'T MAKE IT RARE,TOAST IS MORE RARE IDIOTS People like you make me want to crush coffee mugs with my bare palms.