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    I was working in Virginia this summer and didn't have much time to paint but while i was there i did paint this Not my best but having to stop painting for a few months i forgot a lot and i made a lot of mistakes. I recently bought some acrylics and gave them a try and here are my pieces so far. ^not technically finished My Regal beagle inspired by my dog bronx..still not entirely finished.. And my most recent WIP this ones on a big canvas but im hoping the final product looks something like my mock up lol thanks for looking!
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    I don't know how many of you remember me or not but i still check in to the forums here and there. This is really where my artistry was born and where i really started learning..although i never really got very good at drawing i found other mediums in which i seemed to have a more natural talent at and it all really started here so I'd like to post an update for those who remember some of my first attempts and might just be interested in seeing my progression as i have been interested in everyone else's artistic talents improve. Here's a my most recent sculpture WIP and in my opinion my best so far. I also started painting and you can check them out here http://bambino404.deviantart.com/ I'll also update my painting thread Thanks for looking
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    "assy black" huh? Haha, I looked that up myself in confusion, stands for "Assembly" Can't wait to get this back and finally sink my teeth into Sonic Lost World and Super Mario 3D World
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    Hi guys! Sorry for the double post. I've been kinda quiet for a while because... well, I'm always kinda quiet. Just wanted to update the thread and share this Christmas-y thing I drew a couple days ago. Merry Hatmas and Happy... Holidays 'cause I can't think of anything half-witty for holidays.
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    Haven't we been on the internet long enough to never trust blurry pictures?