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    I came to the forums to go on an epic quest of adventure and friendship to unravel the mysterious enigmas of the theater where Hatty Hattingon and the captive prisoners of the forsaken island resided- I came here to basically make friends and do business. Oh, and to get back my first playlist.
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    Guis wat if theres a honeyhug head but you had to of beaten the secret boss
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    Congratulations on the 2nd feature Ps3guyguy! I'm looking forwards to playing it again... for gems this time!
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    Ughhh, I got stuck on the part where we have to do all nine combination blocks ,so when we quit exited put of the game to reset the level, the servers are down! This isn't my lucky day.
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    Congrats Ps3Guy! Get on so we can have a party in your honor! and so I have someone to help me get this head...
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    No I think that just means it will be the coop feature forever, it will never end.
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    Look under the picture. It usually says to dates, one for release, one for when it ends. There is only one date there, meaning its an one day release!
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    WAIT A MOMENT!!! Is that head only out for one day!!! Because the it says the end date is today! I really hope I'm wrong.
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