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    We do review every reported playlist. It's a labor of love. - <3 But seriously, guys, falsely reporting a playlist is bad. Nothing happens to the Creator, but the individuals who falsely report lose some reputation on their Xbox Live accounts. If you lose enough reputation, your account may be investigated by Microsoft for a host of nasty consequences. Also, not to burst any bubbles, but due to some technical things I can't get into, playlists on the reported list do not get any extra attention for Feature consideration. So please don't false report!! <3 Us, <3 Playlist Creators, <3 Your Xbox Live Reputation
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    Originally posted on the official Behemoth blog: We are so grateful to have so many loving fans who have shown their love through fan art! These past couple weeks, our V-day Fan Art Contest collected over 20 entries of awesome poetry, song and visual eye candy. So sweet. Contestants were asked to stick with the theme “favorite Behemoth game character they’d want to be stuck on an island with” and fit under the “aww” factor. It was difficult for us to choose a Top 5, but after some discussion here are our TOP FIVE fan art winners in no particular order: Submitted by -Necromancer-: Submitted by Leurfe: Submitted by PrancerPie: Submitted by FreshMex: Submitted by chivalrousmonster: Honorable Mentions: Best Valentine’s Day Card Pun – Submitted by pickles4nickles: Best Song – Submitted by Hatty117: The winners will be given a $20 Gift Card to spend at our Online Store PLUS free shipping for their entire order. We’d also like to give our honorable mentions a $10 Gift Card + free shipping. Congrats to all the winners! Finally, if you want to take a look at all the super fan art entries, check out the entries in this thread.
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    I'm so happy you replied Lindsay! Thanks for letting us all know, I figured you guys had to look at playlists! Thanks for putting mine back up, well appreciated!
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    That's sad, I bet that not a single playlist was ever reported for inappropriate material but only for ragequit...
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    It looks like TogetherWeFail3 got reported, and until they approve it again no one can play it as the feature. :/
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    Honestly, I'm surprised no one has thought of the one 2D genre they haven't come close to in their other games: Strategy. Now that I think about it, it is more likely that they will make an RPG, and I would enjoy a RPG more, but strategy is something they haven't touched on yet.
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    I couldn't agree more.
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    If they do an RPG, I hope it's something along the lines of Paper Mario 1 and 2, but it's The Behemoth, so whatever they do will be unique.
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    Haha, I had the exact same thought, my playlist got reported too and then featured (for like... and hour or two, but still...)
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    It reminds me a lot of Mirrors Edge mixed with halo 4 and cod.
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    I was under the impression if your playlist got reported, it just got taken down and the TB never even looks at it. I doubt they have time to look over every reported playlist.
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    I'm a little bit late but Congrats on getting featured 8bitten! And in my opinion this is the best co-op playlist in Battleblock theater!
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    I got into the beta before it was open, it's very very fun, I'll definitely be picking it up next month on its release. My only complaint is that at times the Titans seem simultaneously too powerful and too plentiful, but overall they did a really good job of making the Pilots and the Titans both equally fun to control. I'll be posting some gameplay videos throughout the coming days..... I'll edit it this post with it later if anyone is interested
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    commas don't really matter that much in text if you want to write things quicklyYes they do, it makes reading easier. I doubt the head would be anything outrageous like hatty, they'll probably troll you guys with a castle crashers head.
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    I'm playing this right now, and I HAD to come here to comment this: WHAT. The teleporter hidden under the jelly cannon. That is the evilest thing I can imagine. I stepped there by accident and I was like "what? That son of a..." Anyway I'm having real fun on this playlist, I LOVED the level with the ball! Edit: Erase that, I'm at the second finale, I hate you. Riedit: Ok, I finally made it. You took from me every drop of life, 5/5 stars and 5/5 punches in the face.
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    My History teacher told us we have to watch "The men who built America" Series and now I just can't get the intro out of my head.
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    I played your levels, the ideas were funny and good looking, I mean, the acid bubble level and the paper plane storm were absolutely amazing, both to play and to watch! I felt my little prisoner struggling to protect himself from all those sharp exploding paper planes, that was fun and scary at the same time! On the other hand, I had the feeling the whole playlist was one-themed, like: walk on the bubbles, walk on the duck-sharks, walk on the paper planes, walk on this, walk on that. Also, sometimes the cake seemed out of hand to catch if not with luck. Anyway, great playlist, I rated 4 stars out of 5!
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    Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry into the Fan Art Contest! And thank you to all the members who show your support in here. We're looking through all of the posts and selecting our top entries for the $20 gift card prize + FREE SHIPPING. The gift card can be used for anything in our online store: http://store.thebehemoth.com Much love to you all <3 -Meg
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