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    Gentlemen. The day has arrived. I tip my unicorn to you all.
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    February 19th was my 1 year anniversary here. I totally didn't realize it until now and it's been a great year here and I hope for many years to come. Just wanted to let you all know.
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    I've been waiting for someone to acknowledge this video's existence. Thank you. Beautiful. Gets me every time I hear it. I really hope they put this in the new Smash Bros. somewhere.
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    Whenever I see that picture of Sakurai, my 'questionably straight' side takes over.
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    You mean... tomorrow morning And just spreading the word, we're not carrying over any lore from Red version to the new game. This is a new adventure! New lore awaits!
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    Guess what? The Final Unicon has been added and... The picture is COMPLETED!!!
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    EDIT: "Pic of the day. Dedenne's hard at work too."
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    Gonna put a vote in anyway, b/c yeah mayn My avatar theme nomination is for everyone to have the exact picture of Sakurai that I have right now as their avatar, minor edits allowed for individuality.
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