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    YESSSSSS, MAKE MORE LEVELS! Glad people liked the trailer, this was seriously one of the most fun to make
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    I think some rocket boots that let you speed up for a short period of time while you hold down the button for it should be a weapon. You can push people with them and make them fly back. But if you hold down the button too long then they'll overheat and explode.
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    I dont really think a sword and bow&arrow would work for BBT. It would turn too much into Castle Crashers, in my opinion. But it could make Muckle pretty funny, if its done right. Maybe like a ballon as a 'weapon' that allows you to float across gaps for a short period of time...
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    "Pic of the day. Little Mac's side smash attack is his straight right punch...but it can transform into an uppercut if you tilt diagonally upward, or a body hook if you tilt diagonally downward. The body hook is the most devastating of these moves and it doesn't blast the opponents away." Can't complain, we got a solid first two days and are bound for something cool on Friday, and more mechanics explanations are always welcome... I'll be too busy playing South Park: The Stick of Truth to care
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    It's alright, just keep playing man. You'll soon get better. I used to suck at everything and had no Star Heads at all. Until I buckled up and played Solo until I got the silver trophy and got better and better until I was ready for Insane. Then I finished that on Solo and slowly gta better at all the things I'm not good at. I have about 25% Heads completed now due to trades.
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    I'll give you 899 gems for your 900. Deal?
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    It'll be great if the levels created on the PC version of the game are playable on the 360 as well!
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    I was analyzing the trailer and in the level creator part it appears that guard cats are separate enemies from the normal cats in 360 version. Why is he yellow? I DON'T KNOW! Also maybe it appears that the guard cats will only throw up the explody things and balls. That yellow is from the RGB chromatic aberration filter I threw on the footage to make it more "extreme"
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    YESSSSSS, MAKE MORE LEVELS! Glad people liked the trailer, this was seriously one of the most fun to make Impeccable editing/animating work as always sir. You've brought Stamper's voice to life yet again!
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    Well... Level designing with a mouse certainly simplifies things... Woot! Plus the 1000000000p graphics look pretty sick.