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    I feel like there is a thread for this and this whole topic... 750th post! Finally, an elder chicken! There have been so many threads about this... so... many.... Anyway:
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    I am legit crying tears of joy right now. Edit: I'm expecting nothing more than an assist trophy, but even that is enough to make me so happy. If he becomes a playable character, I will be speechless.
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    Well.... I don't really remember how it happened. I remember something about a blood sacrifice and a branding iron but that's about it. I do remember signing up though. Every so often the behemoth needs new mods and announces it in a thread right here on the forums, there you can sign up if you match certain criteria.
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    You don't know what your doing to me man!
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    As stated earlier, today might be the last time I do the update until next week, because vacation + Japan isn't on our Daylight savings time, so now it's at 2:00am instead of 1:00am (my time at least) But anyway, here's the pic of the day: "Pic of the day. This chubby guy is also Little Mac. Burn that fat!" Holy hell, CAPTAIN RAINBOW CONFIRMED FOR SUPER SMASH BROS FO(U)R! For those who don't know, Captain Rainbow is a Japan-only Wii game made by the team behind Chibi-Robo, it's about the titular hero Captain Rainbow going to the Island of the forgotten and performing quests for has-been Nintendo characters, including a version of Little Mac that is morbidly obese, a version of Birdo that is arrested for pretending to be a woman and going into women's restrooms, and a version of Takamaru that gets frequent erections accompanied by nosebleeds (No, I am not making any of this up, this game is crazy). So yeah, this trophy is a Japanese-only version of a Nintendo character that was only popular outside of Japan in a game that never came out of Japan. Seriously, there's no way Captain Rainbow isn't a character or at least an assist trophy now. Awesome update, it also is worth noting that this reveals that you can toggle backgrounds in trophy viewing mode like the last two games, and that one of the optional backgrounds is plaid. Good vibes for this week, a bit sad that I probably won't be up to see them as soon as they're out for the remainder of said week
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    I don't even know what is happening to the forum now...
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    I always have respected a fine cereal-istic conversation, after all it is one of the few foods eaten commonly with a spoon. I personally like Honey Bunches of Oats, and almost nothing else. That is about the only cereal I enjoy eating, mainly because Lucky Charms doesn't count as a cereal because everyone just eats it for the marshmallows. Also, I never put milk in cereal. It's just disgusting.
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    Yes I Am Girl And I Am Gamer
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    I think this is what he means.
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    This is what you mean, right?
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    Hey, Hatty. Just a heads-up that you can use the 'Edit' button to add more onto your previous reply. This helps stop double-posting.
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