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    Was this made to further destroy the grammar of the community?
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    Why do people want Yoshi more than Captain Falcon? ... It makes me sad. So sad.
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    Happy Thursday! This morning, Microsoft announced a pretty amazing developer line up for Xbox One. We’re lucky to be a part of the 200+ devs working to bring a game onto Xbox One. Our crew is working earnestly, but we cannot provide any further details at this time. Looking forward to sharing more info with everyone in the future!
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    ...I want no involvement in this anymore.
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    Love me, please, I won't take up too much time.
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    Yeah, we'll I'm startin' da Da Club. You gotta use "da" instead of "teh" or "the". It's da best way to go.
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    I'm so happy it's gonna snow tonight and school will be cancelled tomorrow! (Please snow and cancel school tomorrow, please oh please or I am so screwed) You could write down your 6,000 favorite things about GoldenGhost. I know that doesn't seem like very many, but I'm sure you can manage.
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    How about just typing "6,000" in that post? /creativity/
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    This is just the best thread.
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    My haul from my trip was + Rust, The Sims 3: University and Nidhogg on Steam Coming back on Monday, can't wait to sink my teeth into Xenoblade when I get back
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    Immediately thought of my video that I probably posted somewhere here before.
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    Small children. I mean Pringles of course! Who doesn't like Pringles?
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    I will miss your patience and ability to avoid conflict within the forum almost as much as your grammar and spelling abilities. Thank you for being you. Among most, you will be missed.
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    BOOM! I did it. 100 gems please?