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    I don't get your comment But it's genius. How can you put of a picture of the Jon and Arin Game Grumps and not understand boopin-est...
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    inb4 the boopin'-est lock in history
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    You change one word or add a word User 1: the apple fell User 2: the apple fell down User 3: the car fell down The game is quite simple add fun to see how far the sentence changes from the original sentence I'll start: The man ate a cupcake.
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    I don't think the pic of the day matters much anymore at this point, unless it's announcing or denouncing something. In other news, if you don't know about the leak yet, Max made a video explaining it, also making the "Leak Prophet" seem more credible. ~CHOIR BOYS HYPEEEEE!!!!~ And Chrom + Shulk I guess
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    Ooooookay, this is probably going to be the last art post I do for a while because two and a half weeks left for the semester and finals are coming up. Also I'm running a little low on inspiration. I'll stop spamming my own thread I'm so sorry. So, on Thursday I cleaned up this doodle from a few weeks back. I kinda did something similar to this last year, but I got better since last year, so... yes. Also I was working on this on a livestream, so I made the footage into a speed art video. It took me a little under three hours to finish this, but the video itself is only 10 minutes long. ALSO I have never gotten the Youtube embed to work for me so... bleh. Link.
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    Does it count if I lay the eggs? Don't judge my way of life, thank you very much.
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    My Bunny just kinda sits there and leaves poo all over the floor.