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    Work/College/School. Smesh. In that order.
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    wow vidya much posting such like
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    Why isn't that Doctor Mario? What a missed opportunity.
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    Work in progress...
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    I apologize for the very long wait on this, but after some difficulties, I did it.
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    Shovel Knight fan-art because that game is amazing and I finally got to play it this week.
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    [6:02:24 PM] Scaler: DK confirmed to suck [6:02:36 PM] DK: Not for free
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    does anybody remember me because I remember everything
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    my gamertag is my name! here is some history, though, as i get asked about this sometimes. i got the last name of Paladin because i am italian and my full last name was at one time "Paladini". when my family moved to america there was a great deal of oppression towards italians due to world war II. in the 1940s over 600,000 italian immigrants were forced to register as "enemies of america", detained, relocated, stripped of their property or placed under curfew. some were locked in internment camps. a few of those italians were the Paladinis! as a way of avoiding the obvious sounding italian name my family felt it was best to drop the last letter of our name so they could lead more normal lives and find jobs to avoid any other problems. a very popular TV show "Paladin" came out in 1957 and i would imagine that made life a little easier for some of us. you can hear the actors singing it in the movie 'stand by me' while they are walking along the train tracks. also, we can destroy skeletons with beams of light.