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    So my friend asked me to draw something stupid... I happily obliged. A Universal Truth:
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    We've sort of decided behind the scenes that we're going to crack down on these spam threads a bit more, as they really have gotten out of hand lately. Please refrain from making these kinds of threads. Locking this.
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    I played cricket a bit when I lived in Switzerland! I thought it was tons of fun, but I was never any good at it though.
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    Nice popcorn! Now I really want some popcorn.
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    I am a huge fan of the American version, baseball, but Cricket does seem around the same amount of fun!
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    Exceptional, extremely well done and planned out work once again by 8Bitten. Dude, you are a talent.
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    My casting ideas for the live-action Zelda series on Netflix: Link Ryan Hansen Young Link Macaulay Culkin Zelda Chloƫ Grace Moretz Ganondorf Ted Dansondorf Darunia Ron Funches Ruto Jennifer Lawrence The Moon Vin Diesel Groose Channing Tatum Zant Jim Carrey Tingle Peter Dinklage
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    I have one! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Movie Dragonborn - Daniel Radcliffe Lydia - Angelina Jolie The Graybeards Guy Whose Name Escapes Me - Michael Gambon Nazir - Morgan Freeman ("So many contracts... so little time..." ) Every single settlement guard simultaneously played by Chuck Norris... Oompa Loompa style I had more, but i had a brain-fart and forgot them... il update if i remember. You can probably see where im going though.
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    Not my cat; my cat is normally pretty chill, but if you try to rub his tummy, he grabs your hand with his claws, curls up around your hand, and starts biting and kicking and digging into your hand until it's a bloody mess. In your defense, though, he might actually be a tiger.
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    We have a dog, a Basset Hound, but 5 cats or something. Although, we also have a bunny, some chickens, and also a cat that doesn't even live here but seems to like us more than its owner's family... Yeah, I'm a cat person.
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    I'm already friends with V, beat that nerds
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    If he had a gem for every message sent he could buy real friends to get rid of these xbox live friends and go on a ship and discover a land of candy and....
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    </3 It's probably people wanting to help you find the hidden bosses.
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    I love fighting modders in Arena. There is nothing more entertaining to sizing one's ego so dramatically.
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    You wont win a game on me if you don't use a weapon nor any top player, weapons are all very beneficial and are key to winning. Weapons are the key to winning? that's not true at all
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    Dam that's long! my advice to him would be just use boomerang or grenades. NO, We don't need more weapon spammers.