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    Dang PieGuy, it's been forever. Holy crap I remember when you first joined You didn't join too far ahead of me, don't go acting like you some old man.
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    The Smash Ballot it a nutshell.
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    Dang PieGuy, it's been forever. Holy crap I remember when you first joined You didn't join too far ahead of me, don't go acting like you some old man. Doesn't mean I don't remember though!
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    Perhaps so, but do you really think that popularity alone is enough for a character to make it into Smash? It's true that the purpose of the Ballot is to help Nintendo judge which characters people want in Smash Bros, but just because Nintendo is accepting our input, that doesn't mean they're going to just blindly follow our orders and automatically add the top 3 or 4. Sakurai has made it clear many times that he considers a lot of factors before adding any character to the Smash Bros roster, and if King K Rool was as good a fit for the roster as people make him sound, then he probably should've been added by now, don't you think? Consider this: King K Rool wasn't incorporated into Brawl, and ever since Brawl, he hasn't appeared in a single game (except for Mario Super Sluggers, which was released mere months after Brawl and didn't even attempt to feature him in any special way). It's clear that Nintendo no longer considers King K Rool a major character in the DK franchise. The chances of them suddenly deciding to make King K Rool relevant again are extremely low, considering they show no signs of bringing the Kremlings back anytime soon. This is the same reason the Ice Climbers were dropped. Additionally, King K Rool adds nothing new to the roster in terms of Nintendo representation; the DK franchise is already well-represented on the roster. To give a counter-example, consider Isaac from Golden Sun. Isaac hasn't appeared in any games recently either, and was even cut from the list of ATs in Smash 4. However, he has a better chance of appearing on the roster because Golden Sun has NO representation on the Smash Bros roster and thus Isaac's presence would add something completely new to it. The same can be said for many other popular characters, so King K Rool really has little reason to stand out despite his surprising level of popularity. I'm not saying I wouldn't like to see him in there; he has potential to be a unique character, and Smash could always use another heavyweight, but King K Rool simply isn't considered relevant anymore. His chances would be a lot better if he was still a main villain in recent DK games, but this isn't the case. The last game he was in was a Mario spin-off title from last gen, and the last game he was an actual antagonist in was King of Swing in 2007 - 8 years ago. He also offers nothing new to the roster in terms of representation since the DK franchise is already represented with 2 characters. Remember they're going to be making amiibos of every DLC character, but what use would a King K Rool amiibo have in a franchise he hasn't appeared in for almost a decade? The truth is that the Kremlings are dead and so are King K Rool's chances of appearing as a playable character; anyone who believes otherwise doesn't understand the caliber required of a character to be in Super Smash Bros. TL;DR - Despite his impressive popularity, King K Rool's chances of appearing on the Smash Bros roster are very little seeing as his relevance to the Donkey Kong series has diminished to the point where he's completely absent from modern DK games, not to mention he has nothing to offer to the roster in terms of representation.
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    Dang PieGuy, it's been forever. Holy crap I remember when you first joined You didn't join too far ahead of me, don't go acting like you some old man. Doesn't mean I don't remember though!
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    Well, this turned out meh, but it's still a masterpiece nonetheless.
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    Photoshop is pretty much what I do in my free time. I'll make a few stupid and pointless things, some FNAF things, such as this:
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    I don't have Photoshop at home, but I do have access to it at school, so I mainly have to use it for assignments, though I am sneaking in The 21 Galaga Salute in there and I'm anticipating posting that animation onto my art thread next week if all goes to plan.
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    Mobile Chao Garden, since the Chao Garden was the only good thing to come out of Sonic
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    Personally I don't agree with the Donkey Kong franchise being well represented in Smash. They have only 2 characters, not very many stages, and very few items. Honestly, this is the only board I've come across that generally believes the big King K himself doesn't have a chance. This character has been topping character polls since Brawl, and he's still going strong despite not appearing in any games, and I can't see Sakurai just ignoring this completey as he has added Kremlings into Smash Run despite them not having appeared in any games recently either. He stands out as a heavy weight character and a villian, which we are in need of. Anyways I believe that the Ice Climbers were dropped because they couldn't get them to work on the 3ds version, not just because they aren't relevant anymore. R.O.B. and G&W surely aren't relevant but they continue strong, and Lucario isn't even a next generation Pokemon anymore but he's still in the game. Surely popularity isn't everything but it counts for something, and King K Rool got a lot of that something going for him. I didn't even vote for King K Rool but to count him out because of reasons such as not appearing and amiibos (can't wait to use my G&W or Captain Falcon amiibo on all those games) just seems silly to me. Personally, I still see him as the biggest contender to top the ballot.
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    So far my votes for the Smash ballot go to Cranky Kong, Shovel Knight, and an Inkling. also pichu but thats just my little secret
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    Sorry to double post, but now it's TIME FOR A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Edit: I have no idea why the image cropped a little right there, but I guess there's nothing I can do now.
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    I love the Banjo game where he kicks around cans and sends out Wild Gunmen to shoot at people. We need more Inkling votes, I don't want people to avoid voting for her just because they think she's a shoo-in. (Even though she kinda is a shoo-in regardless.) Indie fans will be glad to hear that Shovel Knight is apparently killing it, and fans of King K Rool are acting like he actually has a chance for some reason. There was a poll on Reddit about who people voted for, which I understand is a completely inaccurate way to judge the entirety of the votes but I'm still throwing it out there. Bayonetta needs more votes too, and of course my boy Captain Rainbow will take all of the love he can get.
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    Hey guys I'm old too pay attention to me hahahaha im so lonely
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    Dude that's nothing, Lucina and Robin are consistently selling out within the first 5 minutes of pre-orders going up, regardless of the retailer. I was actually awake when Greninja went up at 3 AM (I was watching Death Note) and now I kinda hate myself for missing that. I hope Nintendo at least restocks wave 4 and finally learns their lesson for future waves, because this just cannot continue the way it's going.
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    Greninja was Toys R' Us exclusive and got sold out within the first 30 minutes of pre-orders opening....
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    Hurry everyone, vote away!
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    God damnnnnn I haven't been playing Monster Hunter as much because of everything else going on, but I neeeeeed to play it. Why do you do this to me Monster Hunter, I wont get any sleep for days!
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    Another old member has risen from the dead! Jeez, I wish all of these old people would just stay quiet and let us new kids have our time to shine.
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    This is too adorable Release date please (officially placing my bets on 2018 )
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    And on this most glorious of days, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei rises from the ashes to lead its disciples, what a miracle It's not even Easter yet
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    (spoilers, this is purposely bad) One day in Donkey Kong Country, DK woke up and was strolling around and drinking from his Donkey Koffee. When suddenly he nearly had a heart attack at the site of his Donkey Bannana pile was replaced with Donkey Apples. His face was indescribable but looked kinda like this. Donkey Kong then put on his Donkey Tie and went on a Donkey 'venture to find the epic dark mage who used his powers to convert his Donkey Bananas. It took many days and his fartner in crime Diddy Kong died on the 5th day from an Donkey Ambush from Kritter assassins. DK swore his life to carry out his wishes and left a single banana on Diddy's grave. But finally, after months, Donkey Kong finally met Queen L Tool, King K Rool's gender swap who was Donkey Pregnant with Donkey Kong's Donkey Baby. She took out an DPG(Donkey Propelled Grenade) and started firing wildly, but DK's ninja skills came in handy when he matrixed away from the missles. All was well until Dustrial Kong, A total original character who was not just a recolor of Donkey Kong, dropped a nuke from the space to destroy all planets and blow up the Donkey Sun. Donkey Kong did a super jump grabbed the Donkey Nuke and Donkey Punched it and sacrificed himself for the good of Donkey Country. In his will, DK gave his slot in Smash 4 to Bandana Dee who then bacame a superstar mafia boss and sent his assassins to end all communism from the evil Donkey Grant. Moral:
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    Calls DK's Island "Donkey Kong Country" instead of "Kongo Bongo Island" 0/10 Would not bang
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    That had almost no sense of pacing, and the nuke came out of nowhere, and the ending is terrible. ...200/10 best fan fiction ever, can't wait for fan art of Dustrial Kong.