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    Howdy, folks. Y'all seen Reddit's 10-min "Try Not To Laugh" vid? Now I'ms not 'xactly sure if it's permitted, but STRONG NSFW content; it's reddit, what'd yall think?
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    5 minutes and 48 seconds in. I've said enough.
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    Awwwww snap, it's official: marriage and children characters are back It looks like marriage works the same way in this game as it did in Awakening: you reach S-support between two units, they get married, and soon enough their child character will join your army. The child character is determined by the father while the hair color is determined by the mother. It doesn't specify how the children characters join your army, so we may be seeing time travel return in this game (although I sincerely hope we don't, I'd much prefer a time lapse at some point in the game or something more relevant to the story).
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    Maybe people just aren't playing games anymore :0I actually thought about getting Hyperdimension Neptunia since I like anime and I heard it was pretty good, but I looked at the screenshots and it sounds like I felt the same way about it that you do. Too kawaii desu for my tastes Right now I'm playing through Valkyria Chronicles on PC, which feels like "anime WWII-era XCOM", along with some Deadly Premonition for when I'm in the mood for that. Not very far in either yet, although both are pretty great. Gonna be getting Fire Emblem If next week though, so that'll dominate my video game schedule for a while. Gonna go the Hoshido route first, and I'm crossing my fingers I'll have enough to buy the Nohr route afterwards.
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    Before I saw this backwards compatibility list, I thought Behemoth was looking for an excuse to bring CC to xbox one and make some $$$ out of it, but now this is quite ridiculous. I haven't seen the official price, but I really don't care if it has better graphics, as they're supposed to look drawn and the way they do. The new mini game is kind of... meh. Minigames really never struck me as the best thing in the world. I barely do all you can quaff. Better multiplayer/local? That's something that I would be interested in. If they just add a better matchmaking system, that'd be nice, but all these things seem like one big update to the original game if you ask me. Not something I would pay for. I hope they improve it a lot. The Behemoth wasn't being "disloyal", they were just trying to make money. And if you ask me, they seem like a company worth supporting.
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    A dyslexic man walks into a bra