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    Hello hello! I've decided since I have been drawing a lot of Battleblock and Castle Crashers fan art, I might as well share with you guys! Not too long ago, I've started playing Castle Crashers with some friends on steam. I was so excited to pick up Hatty on there, I played with him as my knight. And that provoked some interesting conversations as we played along. The Castle Crashers Saga: Hatty Has a Tough Time Speaks for itself. The Only Kiss that Matters In the end, they set me up with Orange Princess. I had no idea what she looked like. "Was she everything you hoped for?" my friend cackled. "That and more." I replied. Colors got a bit wonky in that. Dndndnd No dnd sheet for Hatty. Frosty I ended up loveing this boss. So I just had to draw him. Some More Frost King I really loved his design! What a goober... Stay Puff My mother seems to think Hatty is some cute little Marshmellow man. SO.... The Saga Continues Just recently started playing with some other friends, and one of my buddies claimed Hatty and I decided to play as a normal knight. More interesting conversations ensue... Battleblock Doodles: Two Comics While my friend and I were playing (as Rigel and Svelt) sometimes I would decide HATTY IS NOT WORTH THIS. Then I would change my mind later. Doodle Page is filled with Hatty, a younger Hatty, and some humanized Hatty. Please pardon the Yung Venuz that snuck into that page. UnderpantsTale style I was just scribbling out a ton of characters, and Hatty made it in. Hallow Halloweenington some festive Hatty's as different monsters! That's not nice! Hatty just having some problems with the hat. Young Hatty and Reggie just some of them as kiddos. Mad Hattys Just doodles of a fusterated Hatty Sir Hattington looks snazzy as a knight! Now you might ask yourself MISSYZERO, WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY DRAWINGS OF THAT BLOCKHEAD? Well, for awhile, I ran Askhattyhattington on tumblr. It's still out there. But I am off on another ask blog. So here are some animated snippits I would love to share with you! BBT Gifs: Touch the hat DONT TOUCH THE HAT Weenie arms are not good for throwin stuff Good Luck! Grandma Cat She takes care of Hatty on the blog There were different cats on the blog, and Grandma Cat was one that showed up often just for funsies. Actually smiling Hatty This has four gifs Of Hatty and crew trying to escape. The Gangs all here!!! LOOM Fight for Love! He's a Puppet too Someone threw Pocket Sand.... SS Friendzone BoI crossover For the low low price of 200 gems... Friendship is Magic WARNING: Flashing colors. Spooooooooky And finally Just in case you don't feel like clicking the links, this is the only one you need to see! (And if its too big, I will stick it under read more!) I have more, but that's all I just wanna get out there. I wanna thank The Behemoth for making great quirky games that I can play with my friends! I look forward to Pit People. Who knows, I might have more art to share soon too!
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    You can see all the serious threads of Serioustown on that site That's a serious-ly good find
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    WELCOME TO THE JAM!!!! So how is everyone enjoying Fallout 4. I thought this thread would be booming with secrets and spoils that they have gotten and sharing them.
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    Thank you so much! There will probably be more Castle Crasher things in the future! And What's Goin' On (HEYEAHYEAHYEAH) is great. XD The song snippit they put in there is lovely, cause the original song mentions preforming in an circus etc. It was too amusing to think of Hatty belting out songs like these by himself!
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    don't discriminate the fatkid hes like the #1 helper in A.H.
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    Why did you lock my tier list when I myself was the one who had it unlocked just the other day? It's not your tier list to just change whenever you feel like it because that's what you have your own list for In fact I thought you'd like the update since it drastically improved royal guard and conehead's ranks What's funny is that that has no relevance to this thread at all. Yes it does because he edited the tier list that this thread is in reference to. I thought you could tell that things that are relevant to each other are relevant to each other, but apparently you've failed to meet my expectations Keep your fights off the forums, this is on the wiki, not here.
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    This was really thought out. I like the idea of the continuous destruction of the city in the background as time goes on. Reminds me of the valhalla map on halo 3 they demoed where it showed the grass becoming more corrupt with flood essence as the match went on. Thanks. I actually put a great deal of effort into it. I thought of adding exact damage outputs, but what'd be the point, y'know?
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