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    I love fighting games and have tried several times to get into SF4, but I just can't. I don't know what it is about SF games, but I can't just sit down and enjoy them like most fighters. SF5 is looking freaking sweet though.Also I've been playing more Monster Hunter, FF9 (£4 on the PSStore) & I just started Helldivers (free with PSPlus). Helldivers is fun...but the servers are broken as hell right now with the influx of PSPlus players, so I can only play it solo. It was not designed to be played solo... Street fighter 4 is a hard game to get into. From the moment you start everyone online is freaken amazing compared to a new player. You gotta get good fast. I was able to get good enough to compete with the online population quickly thanks to my past fighting game experiences. But yeah man sf5 looks beast. When I'm able to get a ps4 I'm getting that.
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    Nice job on creating this. You will never know just how much I wished you a painful, agonizing, demise while I was trying to get through this feature. If the souls of the darned start wailing at you when you're trying to sleep, that's because I may have successfully cursed you. Oh, how I hate grenades.