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    Hello my fellow behemoth frwends It is i The squeaker who animates > . > anyway here's how much i've completed 0 v 0
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    Made some Kirby sprites today. Just getting back into the swing of things.
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    It returns! From the creator of Complex comes a new title in the series, Complex: Castle of Peril! In this new game, a mysterious tower appears in our heroes' town. What's worse, Damien and Samuel seem to be missing. Will you be able to uncover the mystery of the tower and rescue your brothers? New planned features: Collectibles! Find shiny jewels on your quest to find the truth... or something else? Ammunition! Power ups can give Laurence firepower to dig into new areas of the castle, and defeat enemies! Secrets! More than the last game! Little easter eggs and jokes! New traps and enemies! Cannons will burst, ghosts will haunt, balls will drop!(no pun intended) More things I didn't mention here! Demo coming soon!
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    Hiya! I'm Sydney "Kirbyrocket" Henry! I am 15 years old; and I have High-Functioning Autism(HFA) & Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). I am involved in multiple communities, and am generally known for being a great friend to others; I also make graphic designs and music! You can find all the latest updates on what I do on my Twitter: @Kirbyrocket. All my music has been uploaded to Newgrounds and Soundcloud. I've been around lurking in the Behemoth community for awhile, but I didn't get too known. I actually was looking for this thread YEARS ago! I'm glad it's up now! I hope to see you all more within the community during the Pit People beta! Best of luck to those who signed up! Have a great day, everyone! Bless, -Sydney "Kirbyrocket" Henry
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    It's no secret that discord is taking over the internet for all things gaming communication; Skype, Teamspeak, etc. just don't do the job as well as discord can. Today I realized, we still don't have a server for all things The Behemoth. Figuring that should change, I made a server for us. With the community starting to revive, it would be helpful to bring new members here to easily find games and communicate with people from here while they play. https://discord.gg/vE4VHWH That link has unlimited uses and permanent time, so feel free to post it anywhere you would like. Enjoy
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    Here's just a doodle I made.
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    Well, briefly anyway! Goooooodmorning Fellow Behemoth Members! TheTPRI here, mostly called and better formerly known as Ryuken104 has made a slight return! But to all you newer members out there, you're probably asking "Just who is this amazing chap?" Well I can tell you! Some X years ago, I was just a newcomer to this site, I hadn't many friends when I first joined, but I quickly met a bunch of other awesome people who I can't quite describe, but I can surely list off. Let's see now, there was: Bloob Babbity_Rabbity Dexide Da Milk Man Mechazeep Scaler193 Xemna768 Roy-G-Biv Dropped Your Pocket Scarabix Isco Rizyq Basilisco Mabelma SushiGummy Chris Zugama daikonboy101 Abyssmal Cookie Complicated Sarah FEL CastleCrashingGugu Gamefemale/Mangle Mr. Welldone R34PER 1337m33p ThePieGuy Roflcopter Xelrog T. Apocalypse Grim Reaper The Mad Fiddler Mr. Hatty Draken Korin404 And probably so many more that aren't coming to mind right now unfortunately...This is Version 2.0 by the way! But this isn't about them right now it's about me, haha! Renewed, Shrewd, and a Total Dude! I was hoping to get this message off my chest like yesterday! Anyway, down to the serious bits. Look: For anyone that knows my character and who I am from the past, the fact of the matter is that I'm a total goofball. I was very young and immature and may have said some things that got pretty annoying. Hell, I still can be all of those things. Whether I'd like to think so or not, this site and the people I've interacted with have effected my life in the past in so many subconscious ways. Interacting with each and every single one of the people I've listed above, and more, is something that I think I really messed up on in my younger years. I already know I was a pretty crazy kid. I'm not sorry for anything I may have said at all, really, but I am kind of sorry that I left, because I left people whom I considered friends, or at the very least acquiantances, because I can't define our relationship alone--I need you to do that. Umm, I know the odds are I'll never see or hear from a lot of you again, and on the inside that hurts a little bit, because you might never see this message, but if you do choose to turn on the computer, and get a sense of that old Behemoth Forums Nostalgia, this message will be here. I promise. I never want to lose friends growing up, even if it's ones that are halfway across the world. That being said, if you ever want to contact good 'ol Ryuken, or TheTPRI, here's my E-Mail: thepsychoragdoller@gmail.com. I trust it won't fall in the wrong hands and it's the best way to contact me! And as for all you newer Behemoth Members, I hope you're enjoying your stay!
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    M Y S T I C L I F E O R D I E
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    Saw that GoldenGhost was attempting to do this so I tried to finish it first. Realistically if you're on this and don't agree with it, or in general just don't agree, I was just looking at the personality description of the character and thinking about who filled that description the most in my opinion. A few of them aren't completely accurate but more or less several character traits that I saw in whoever I put down matched up with the character.
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    Here lies the heroes of the behemoth rpgs, their dungeon masters (or hosts whatever you want to call them) all are unable to keep a fun time going for more than a couple days before abandoning them. Left to fend for themselves against the creatures of the forums locked deep within long ago, their numbers quickly crumbled. It is unknown how many actually survived, if only the dungeon master (or host) could actually keep a game going for longer than a week they would've been able to complete their one and only quest.
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    Oh hey! So i changed things around. Sorry for the randomness, but it was long overdue. Just wanted to organize the front page some more and condense the crap out of everything. Sometime this year we'll be switching over to a new forum look and feel so this is just a little preparation for that. (Also, I hated the side bar floating latest topic window so much! I've been meaning to remove it but it was causing some other visual bugs so I had just left it up way too long. Finally tracked down the issue and removed it for good.) Thanks!
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    If the islands/cities are as big as those in X/Y I don't think there being too much water is much of a problem for me. It fits the theme of the region pretty well imo. It's not that I don't like the idea of water, it's just that I know I'm going to have to swim through all of it, which sounds like a chore. Also, I know that it's to block of tough areas and stuff like that, but I feel like the rocky barriers around the islands are going to limit water exploration and make it a little less cool. 0/10 IGN Too much water
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    Now if you want a real story listen up. Behemoth's been through its highs and lows constantly, everybody already said that. But, you have to look deeper into it than that. As someones who has been hear almost since the begining, I can say that my Behemoth lore keeping abilities are some of the highest around. I only know a few members who know of the forums history better than I. One of the biggest reasons I'm still around is because of my self proclaimed duty to teach young chickens of the olden days. Other than that, I was a dumb kid who grew up from his mistakes and made some good friends. Anyways, back to history lesson 101. If you look back you can see that there was obvious points of activity and inactivity. But the question is why has it died so much? Honestly the answer is that back in the day the community's ringleaders, top of the foodchain, popular kids, etc were much more active. Not trying to disregard my friends of old, I loved seeing posts from everyone back in the day but to say that Mechazeep and Babbity weren't the most popular people on the forums is just completely wrong in my opinion. Despite personal differences they got the community really going with active posts and hell, Mechazeep is still the #1 poster to this day despite not being active for a long time! Now there were plenty more popular members, but at the end of the day I believe when they started to dissapear Behemoth's community did as well. Once such big figures move on from the forums I think its only natural for some other members to leave. But the big problem was that a lot of people left around this same time, and when all the people you enjoyed seeing post leave you don't have nearly as much ambition as before to go on. So a short recap before we talk about whats been going on more current time. All the super active, super popular members left and honestly the whole social hierarchy that we developed as a community crumbled. Which left a lot of us kind of staggering about, hoping they would rejoin or we would get new great members. This was the first great decline of the forums that I believe we never fully recovered from. So a bit later on with all the new Castle Crashers members the community started to build a new hierarchy. But new problems started to arrive. Nobody has been really able to officially claim "top dog" status since Mechazeep and it was very debatle who became/is #1 ever since. Some might believe this isn't an issue but I think Mechazeeps popularity combined with his constant posting didn't make newer members scared, but feel a bit more welcomed and were able to ease into the community. When a really popular guy welcomes a new member you feel awesome! But without that, we were left with a lot of members joining and leaving quickly because of the lack of interaction and quality posts, which has honestly only been getting worse. Then the worst change. For whatever reason, I noticed a significant change in the community which I believe is because the popular members left (the reason I rambled about them for so long). The community became very xenophobic. Before I can honestly say I might of been one of, if not the most hated member on the board. I got verbally destroyed left and right for my dumb posts. I learned a lot from it in the long run but it sure was a ride. Anyways, my point is that despite being oh so detested (or at least feeling that way), I also felt quite welcome to the Behemoth Forums. I was still encouraged to post (although I was also encouraged to increase my posts quality but that never happened jokes on you suckers), and everyday was amazing to be here. Now days though, I feel bad for new members. I honestly thought I was harsh on new members, and I'd be damned if people I bullied didn't decide to just leave for good. But I wasn't just mindlessly telling new members how horrible they were, I was and still am just trying to get people to learn through there actions like I did before. Someone has to call you out on the things you do, and if its bad you deserve to feel bad about it and learn from your mistakes. Thats my mentality to things which is obviously debateable. But I can say I stuck behind this code of conduct for awhile, and as someone who has used this conduct for awhile now I can say whats going on is in no way constructive. New members are absolutely not welcome here, despite what people claim. Everyone wants new members, we beg for them. But as soon as we get them the general community pushes them away. I've seen countless new members be ripped up how they are acting without being given a chance. They are young, they are going to act young and stupid everyone does it. I'm honestly not going to say any names but I know for a fact there have been a few "new" members which requested access to the Behemoth Skype group(a whole other discussion), which is suppose to be a general chat for ALL Behemoth members to talk in unless otherwise stated. I've had to fight to get some of these members in and guess what, with time every single of them has been fine in the long run. Yet every time someone puts up a fight about it and that's the mentality killing these forums. New members just are not welcome here. I think I've rambled enough but ima keep on going. Lets say you are a new member, never heard of this place or anyone in it. Why would you honestly join these forums? If I came here today I would abandon these forums so fast. Lack of inactivity that everyone thinks will magically fix itself but lets be real here. BBT didn't help much with activity and neither will Pit People. The ONLY thing that is going to fix the member gap and save the Behemoth Forums is if YOU reading this, right now, make a few posts. Just a few will work if you all do it. Of course I am to blame as well I don't post nearly as much as I should. But I don't think many people have the right to complain about activity. The person killing the forums is YOU when you don't post. This of course brings up the Behemoth Skype Group (now the Behemoth Discord Group msg me for an invite its totally rad I want to see you). I was strongly against the Skype group in the begining, we did a chat group before and all it created was horrible drama and died off. However this time around it killed post activity, by honestly a lot. Frankly there is no killing the group, as current host of the Discord group if I deleted it right now, people would either be lost to the voids of time, or just join a new group someone will create soon after. TLDR: -Popular members leaving killed the community initially -We never quite able to have a community as loud and proud again -New members are not welcome anymore (despite what we say and have tried) -New members have no real reason to join -People claiming things will eventually change if we let them be, but things will only change if we put in the effort.
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    Ditto on this place being sentimental. I joined six years ago, having left several times during that time to focus on my life. There were times when I was here every day, simpler times, they were. Basically none of the people I talked to when I first joined are still here. When I came back for the first time, I met a lot of super rad people. I won't speak for them, but I personally am very attached to Dropped Your Pocket and GoldenGhost, I have a lot of memories with them. As long as they're still here, I will never truly leave. They are my online brothers. I've been here for our highs and lows. Met a lot of cool folk. We're a good community. Ambitious people. Friendly people. A lot of us dream big. Sometimes too big. I myself have had many 'projects' I have tried to manage with various people from here, and the memories from working on those will never be replicated, even if they all proved too big for me to handle. One day the people will come back. Maybe I'll be there too. Maybe it'll be fun. Just wait on those people. Or don't. Don't be afraid to live your life. The biggest reason I left was to focus on my life, find who I am, finish school, etc etc. A lot has changed since I joined here. Went from being a kid who wanted to play Alien Hominid on the Gamecube to a dude with a job and bills. I imagine a similar thing happened to a lot of the older members here. P.S. Serioustown's removal was the best thing to happen in years & Skype was a mistake.
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    Redid the old logo for Complex. Gave it a little flair, and some more. I personally think it shines when it's slapped on a black backdrop, but what do I know?
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    July 2016 Smash DLC Tournament! Date & Time: TBD A quick shout out to GoldenGhost for letting me steal borrow his format and let me change it to suit this A little blurb before everybody starts freaking out here. Also hi, welcome, and all that jazz. This tournament was founded on the thought of one last tournament before all the new members join from Pit People hype. In the same way that we will embrace these new members as they join, it felt fitting to celebrate their arrival like DLC to the forums, meaning that this tournament is DLC exclusive*. Now I'm not saying if you don't have the DLC you have to buy it to join this, but If you have it, you've gotta use it. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's a list of what to expect. *DLC isn't required to play, but if you have it, use it! If not, feel free to use any character, and your opponent will have a free choice of any stage. - - - - - Rules - - - - - -Super Smash Bros for Wii U -1v1 matches -2 stocks per player per match, 5 minute time limit -Rounds will be best of 3 -Double Elimination (This may change depending on how many people can actually join) -No items besides Smash Balls on low -Stages will be selected from all DLC stages. If somebody does not own a stage, the other player may choose -No custom moves or equipment -DLC Characters are required unless you have none -Don't be a jerk - - - - - Prizes - - - - - I have made up a nice variety of awards to hand out afterwards when the results are announced. That and bragging rights... I'm broke sorry guys - - - - - Double Elimination - - - - - - - - - - Sign-ups - - - - - In order to sign up, please include: - Your NNID - Your Timezone (for communication and planning purposes) - Two or more times that would work best for you (Think next week or later please, if possible) - Skype and/or Discord contact info (So I can contact people to keep things flowing) - One fun plan you've got for the summer Note: The deadline to sign up will be at 11:59PM PST of the night before the tournament, so make sure you sign up before then! - - - - - FAQ's - - - - - Good luck!
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    I like to make game "reviews" in microsoft paint when I'm bored so I made my review of Morg's latest game.
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    One of my favorite games of this generation, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is now on sale on Steam for a little under $5. While I recommend playing it using a Kinect 2.0 on the Xbox One all-in-one entertainment system®, the steam version will suffice in experiencing all of its wacky humor and engaging storytelling. Go buy it, go play it, and maybe if enough of you do then Swery will finally release Season 2. Also go finish Deadly Premonition right now. Also hey guys.
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    Time for an official Slick Star Gaming© review Rashid of the Turbulent Wind Gameplay is pretty okay. I keep getting stuck within the first 30 seconds though, those crafty osama heads keep pushing me into a corner and trapping me. The Rashid head is too big to go anywhere and you can't move up or down so once you're pushed off to the side you're basically screwed. Presentation is nice. Great artwork on the main menu and a nice selection of plagiarized assets throughout the rest of the game. Would've been nice to see the actual logo in the game somewhere instead of just comic sans with a bunch of spelling errors but hey who cares. The scrolling background was good. Music was nicely chosen. I only detected one sound effect in the game, but with a sound effect like that, one is all you really need From a technical standpoint it's pretty solid, I didn't see any bugs. In that sense it's already better than some AAA garbage Overall good job, I give it 9 out of 10 goldenghosts. Keep up the good work!