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    I had a submission I wanted to out into the valentines contest, but unfortunately I went on a date and couldn't make the time. Anyone else have late or unfinished submissions? At least my rainbow horse got some action ;p
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    Just putting this out there to complicate the theorizing: Have you guys considered the possibility of TIME TRAVEL ? I mean, when you have spaceships and cosmic bears, nothing is really impossible, is it, and besides (PP spoilers:) [Pit People does explicitly feature time-travel in at least one Bonus Mission]. Some of Pit People's monsters do seem rather medieval too, despite being in a post-apocalyptic world. Could it be that they are from the same time (but not necessarily place) as Castle Crashers? (I coloured my spoiler text white. Is there a smarter way to hide text as spoilers?)
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    Here's my entry for the fan art contest. I absolutely love pit people!
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    Hi, this is one of the cats from battle block theater with an irresistible smirk on his face. I really hope that you will like him
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    This is my second entry! Loads of fanmail and confessions for Hatty ♥
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    Um.... This was an actual sudden drift from most of these entries, BUT I will make a smaller entry for the day of love!