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    Hello fellow chickens! For the past six years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to manage the Behemoth community through our forums, social networks, live streams and most recently our Discord server. Now, it’s time for me to leave the Behemoth nest and see other parts of the world. My last day at Behemoth will be July 27th and after that I will be heading up to the Los Angeles area for a new job. Although I won’t be working directly with any devs anymore, I’ll be working with parts of the gaming industry so hopefully our paths will cross again in some way! In any case, I will still be rooting for the success of Behemoth games and looking forward to playing Pit People’s Update 7 once it’s out. After I leave, if you guys have any questions about the Behemoth forums in the future you can ask Emil. For Discord users, please ask Lucia in the #Support channel or DM our moderators if you are unsure of who to ask. We’ve also go our general support site as well if you’re looking for technical support. Thank you to all of the Behemoth community members for always being awesome and supportive of our games and team members. I’ve had so much fun with posting Fan Art Friday each week, running tournaments and contests, sending out mailers, watching live streams & VODs of our games, and meeting people at conventions. Behemoth is like family to me and the community is like my online home. I may be leaving to spread my wings a bit, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back to visit home and say hi to family from time to time See you later, chickies ❤️
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    (Original link was broken, so here's the right one)
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    My children are still lost and now I'm lost as well. What a terrible year 2018 has turned out to be.
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    Every week or so I come searching for this thread just to see if there are any updates. There seems to be a huge following for your games and it really would be so amazing to be able to take Castle Crashers with me on the go since I basically carry my switch with me everywhere. I’d whole heartedly sign up tomorrow for whatever amount you may ask to get this game playable on my switch. On a a side note I love you guys and all of the hard work you do and would love not only to play castle crashed on the switch but every other one of your games. This is one of those shut up and take my money situations for me! So what I guess I’m saying is thank you for the amazing games and all that you put into what you already have but on a selfish note please listen to our ramblings of insanity and help make this dream of a lot of ours a reality. Whether on Kickstarter or with the outreach of supporters here, there definitely seems to be a following for your games on the switch. lots of love from a loyal supporter, Mike
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    I am the coworker - this is all true. I need this game on PS4. Please.
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    My coworker brings this up almost every day. Not to mention we check this thread at least once a month to see if there are any new plans to port CCR to PS4. For his sake, I really hope you guys can port this game sometime soon now that Pit People is done. I don't think he can take any more heartbreak. He just sits at his green and white desk drawing the characters on pieces of paper and reenacting the game while tears roll down his cheeks. Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, please for the love of all that is holy, port this game. Do it for him.
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    Hi Megan and the crew at the behemoth. I understand you are a small hardworking crew, but you truely have a loyal fan base the size of a behemoth. Several threads have been answered about having your games (specifically in my case, castle crashes on Nintendo switch) being ported, and Megan usually answers with “we are a small crew”, and keeping your development focus on your next fantastic process. Totally understandable. My question is have you ever considered using the talent pool in the fan base to port existing games for you? (Under tight security of course) I can tell you right now we would jump at the chance. Myself, I am an ex animator and game producer (danielcjtodd.com is my OLD film animation demo reel, but I do 2d as well) I previously retired as a game producer after releasing “warhammer regicide” in 2016, using a tiny team of local and international coders, artists, etc. (retired due to health, not being ancient). I can schedule, manage artists, animate, find coders, deal with NDA’s, proprietary software, etc. I have even gotten tv animation pilots and projects done using volunteers at local gaming and 3D colleges where i have taught over the years.. i have about 5 hours a day at home on chemotherapy that I’m sitting around doing nothing, and have played through castle crashes AGAIN on steam. I would HAPPILY donate my time for free to get castle crashes ported professionally to the switch to play 4 players with my kids. I would only want a credit in the port. any thoughts on the matter, shoot me a message at danielcjtodd@hotmail.com, or post here. thanks for reading down this far!
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    Please, make it happen 🙏 Do it. Just do it !
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    What message are you getting when you try to create a game? Are you getting an error at all? For now, go ahead and check your NAT type and make sure that your UPnP settings are open. I have linked our guide below to help with this. https://support.thebehemoth.com/hc/en-us/articles/205462755-How-do-I-check-and-change-my-NAT-Type-or-UPnP-settings-for-my-PlayStation- Please let me know if you are able to create a game.
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    sure let's pretend we all are back on the forums Whoops, ended up making a new page XD
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    gotta post here occasionally since "bloob" is still in the title of the thread yall like video games????
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    Btw, i have improved: https://imgur.com/a/PHeVpKV ; https://imgur.com/gallery/PAwkJCW
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    Just created an account after remembering castle crashers existed and it’s not on PS4. Please guys, I get it’s a past project and the dev team likely wants to bring new awesome stuff to the table but you all need to realize how loved your game is. It’s a freakin classic in my book and a must play. It’s like a MARIO game. Don’t not bring it out. A new generation needs to play! +1 vote to bringing it on PS4 please. I hope my voice reaches you guys.
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    Thanks for your interest in playing Alien Hominid! We'd love for all of our games to be on every platform, but we're a small team with limited resources so we can only focus on a couple projects at a time. Right now, those projects are Pit People for Xbox One and for Steam. Who knows what the future holds though? If we do bring Alien Hominid to PC then we'll let you guys know on our blog
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    For those of you who enjoy the live text chat and possibly the voice chat options of Discord, we've got our official Discord server open to all Behemoth fans! Go here to join: http://discord.gg/thebehemoth Remember to keep it friendly in there just like we do here on the forums!
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    At this time no plans have been announced for the Nintendo Switch. We're currently focused on developing Pit People, but who knows what the future holds? Thanks for your interest though!
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    I never really thought about this until now, but the Switch is perfect for beat 'em ups like Castle Crashers. It really is the most social console I've played since the Wii, just for its portability and couch multiplayer. Combining that with some old school beat 'em up action would be perfect. Thinking about it, I would love Castle Crashers to re-release on Switch. I'd snap it up instantly ("snap", like the Joycons? hahaaaa)
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    At this point it would almost be messed up to make you guys restart.
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    Wow Chris, I'm impressed! Just in the last couple years alone, you have lost a lot of weight. That's something to be proud of man, good for you! I, on the other hand, decided to actually post a picture here.Really James you've been here how long and still can't quote people properly? I love how much attention this thread has been getting! Especially when there's fewer people around the forums, it's a cool chance to get to know people better than just a face in the crowd! It wasn't me, man, it was the forums! They're out to get me. It already took like ten minutes to get that dang picture to actually show as a picture instead of a link haha.
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    hi there - thanks!! lots of practice, i guess. but you don't want to draw like me! every time you spend a lot of time making something, someone will say "that looks like dan paladin's work". wouldn't it be cooler if every time you drew something they'd go "oh man that's gotta be Chill Jester's awesome work!"? i think that would be ideal for you. i don't actually know how to instruct anyone to draw like me, since i just kind of go on autopilot. i can tell you some awesome tools though; intuos3 or intuos4 6x8" tablet the animator's survival kit by Richard Williams what inspired BBT was one of the minigames from Alien Hominid. lots of people would tell us they played that minigame more than AH itself, and we liked it a lot, too. so we decided to base our next game around the same foundation and keep going until it was as awesome as we could get! good luck!